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TREASON: News Director Shocks America, Publicly Hopes For Trump’s Death! Disgusting!

Talk about vicious.

And freakin’ borderline TREASONOUS.

President Donald Trump and his family haven’t even been in the White House a week, and they’ve been subjected to all sorts of nasty Twitter and social media attacks from the left. Melania received a particularly stunning insult that is just beyond ignorant.

Then there was that awful attack on Barron Trump, to which Monica Lewinsky responded, stepping up and issuing an absolutely perfect statement on the matter.

Well, after all, the left isn’t exactly known for its controlled and reasoned approach to political discussions.  Still, we have the outright hate-filled verbal assaults unleashed from those who are supposed to be above the fray: the media.

Julia Ioffe with Politico, for instance, saw her writing contract terminated after she tweeted about Trump ‘fu–ing’ his daughter.” SNL writer Katie Rich was suspended “indefinitely” for calling Barron Trump, age 10, a “homeschool shooter.”

But now there’s this, from Ethan Fedida, the former social media editor at Huffington Post who serves as the director of social media at the news site, Ozy.

As Independent Journal Review noted, Fedida wrote:

Looking on the bright side: the stress of the presidency should help kill @readDonaldTrump faster…


Can you just imagine the outcry if such had been written or said about the former president, Barack Obama, in his first days at the White House, by say, a member of Fox News, or the Daily Caller?

The left would’ve gone nuts, crying racism and demanding the journalist be fired. It’s a good thing Politico and SNL have taken speedy action against their writers.

But calling for the killing of the president of the United States, no matter how subtle that call is – and no matter who is the president at the time, a Republican or a Democrat – is not just classless. It’s alarming.

And it’s especially concerning that it would come from someone in the press, supposedly tasked by job description to offer the public unbiased reports and fact-filled commentary.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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