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Breaking: North Korea Rolls Out Horrifying Doomsday Weapon…And Yes, You Should Be Worried

This is no good.

Nobody knows what North Korea is going to do, which is precisely why Washington is worried about Kim Jong Un and the rest of that oppressive Red country.

Yeah, President Donald Trump has issued a stern warning – essentially, “behave or ELSE” – and Vice President Mike Pence chimed in, too, but that’s not going to stop North Korea.

They are determined to impose their will and do whatever it takes to prove their might. They continue to test missiles despite the rest of the world telling them to knock it off, and now they’ve debuted something very, very concerning.

It’s all the more worrisome now that North Korea has threatened the U.S., saying Kim Jong Un will hold America directly responsible if any military shenanigans go down.

According to Western Journalism, this enemy of the world has just debuted a super weapon, a legitimate doomsday device one analyst called a “frankenmissile.”

“’We’re totally floored right now,’ said Dave Schmerler, a Middlebury Institute of International Studies researcher. ‘I was not expecting to see this many new missile designs.”

‘A lot of this may be intimidation or bluffing, but it’s potentially a sign of things to come.’

Experts say that depending on the capabilities of North Korea’s latest batch of weapons, it appears the country is moving closer to its goal to delivering an ICBM that can nail the continental U.S.

Said Adam Mount, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress:

It certainly appears to be a message to the United States that they’re capable of threatening the U.S. homeland. That’s certainly their objective.

Furthermore, North Korea showed off several new Transporter Erector Launchers, which allow missiles to be fired from anywhere on earth, as opposed to only fixed positions.

Scary stuff, and let’s not forget that Kim Jong Un has been trying to get Trump’s goat for months. Well, North Korea tries to bully the entire planet so this isn’t anything new, but still…

The silver lining is that we don’t know if the displayed missiles are actually functional. If they aren’t, perhaps North Korea is a ways from having the capability they desire to have.

Even so, it still means they’re striving to HAVE that capability. Which is precisely why the Trump administration needs to remain on high alert.

Source: Western Journalism

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