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North Korea Makes Its LAST Mistake, Then The U.S. Unloads A Shocking Ultimatum!

Watching global politics can be fascinating, not because it’s clear what is going on, but for the opposite reason.

It’s been described as chess, but it’s more like poker, with deception and bluffs an expected part of the game.

For example, last week, the Trump administration struck a blow for justice by nailing Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles. It was in reaction to a horrific attack on innocent citizens, which Trump will not stand for.

But as this is indeed poker, that’s hardly the whole story.

We just recently learned of Trump’s much more ambitious end-game, which involves ending the reign of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

There’s just so much to consider in the world of global politics; right now, observers of world affairs must be in a quandary. Where to focus attention, Syria or North Korea?

Both nations generate continuous turmoil, with one threatening to blow anything its missiles might reach to smithereens. With less than three months on the job, President Trump already has plenty on his plate internationally in addition to matters at home.

Is there a connection between his strategy in Syria and North Korea? Very possibly. Because now, the Trump administration has said that a military option is on the table when it comes to Kim Jong Un’s regime.

From Conservative Tribune:

After Pyongyang’s most recent missile test, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued a terse statement that showed the Trump administration meant business.

‘North Korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile,’ the statement read, according to CNN. ‘The United States has spoken enough about North Korea. We have no further comment.’”

However, what happened in Syria Thursday could definitely be considered further comment. When Syria and North Korea crossed red lines under Barack Obama, they received nothing but a strong warning from the administration.

Do you think Kim Jong-un of North Korea was paying attention to how President Trump handles red lines?

If Mr. Kim has not been paying attention, his generals had best clue him in – that is if they wish to continue to have a nation to govern.

Sources: Conservative TribuneCNN

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