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After North Korea Murders U.S. Citizen, Trump Sends Kim Jong-Un Two Powerful Messages

The facts are in.

Barack Obama let U.S. citizen Otto Warmbier rot in a North Korean prison and despite the young man’s rescue last week, Trump’s heroics couldn’t save Warmbier’s life.

But Obama is out of office while North Korea and unstable leader Kim Jong Un remain a very real and present threat.

Maybe that’s why our President decided to send our enemies a little message on Tuesday.

According to South Korean officials, the U.S. sent a pair of supersonic bombers to South Korea, in what they’re calling “a show of force against the North.”

From The Daily Caller:

The flyover by two B-1B Lancers followed the death Monday of Otto Frederick Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea for over a year before he was released last week in a coma.

It is unclear exactly what caused his condition, but Warmbier’s parents claim that he was ‘brutalized’ by the reclusive North Korean regime.

The B-1B bombers, which have the largest conventional payload of any Air Force bomber, conducted routine deterrence drills in cooperation with South Korean fighters Tuesday.

The bombers also participated in exercises with Japan, according to the Associated Press.

The U.S. military asserts that the flights are designed to ‘defend against provocative and destabilizing actions in the Pacific theater.’

The U.S. also sent B-1B Lancers to the peninsula twice last month, during the time North Korea was trying (and sometimes failing) to test their new missile systems.

The message is plain: Every time North Korea steps out of line and America pays the price in some way, the Trump administration WILL respond.

Remember, Trump and many others have roundly condemned North Korea for their abusive treatment of Warmbier and besides, that very Red country is a danger to just about everyone on the planet.

And though you have to be careful when dealing with lunatic leaders, you also can’t afford to be passive.

Source: The Daily Caller, The Associated Press

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