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Nursery Worker Brutally Stabbed In Public…Witnesses Hear The Attackers Yell 4 TERRIFYING Words

Radical Islamists are obviously not restricting their terrorist attacks to just one country.

Some nations, like Poland, have a fantastic “No Refugees” rule and as such have remained unscathed in this ongoing war.

But it’s still a worldwide problem and it is not getting any better. In fact, it’s getting worse.

And the standard liberal solution of offering more education and understanding is proving to be a dismal failure, as Conservatives knew it would be all along.

Innocent people are losing their lives to these terrorists, and the Left should be ashamed of itself for sticking to its failed ideas. Political correctness is not only stupid, it’s deadly.

There is no better example of the danger radical Islam presents than what is happening in London.

Days after the horrible terror attack they just experienced, terrorism is still being perpetrated on the people of London.

From Daily Star:

A nursery worker has been stabbed by three women who shouted ‘Allah will get you’ while walking to work in east London.

The woman, in her 30s, was dragged to the ground from behind by attackers in Hermon Hill, Wanstead and slashed in the arm as they chanted ‘Allah’.

She has been taken to hospital with a ‘slash wound’ and this afternoon the Metropolitan Police confirmed the stabbing.

Detectives say the victim’s injuries are not thought to be life threatening, but that they are still looking for the three women who fled the scene before cops arrived.”

It gives no joy to point it out, but Islamic teachings clearly motivate some adherents to commit violence.

Innocent people are getting attacked and sometimes killed. Playing nice with words in order to avoid offending people is utterly irresponsible.

Notice to our friends in England: What you are doing isn’t working.

You either need to ditch the PC garbage, bite the bullet, and take firm and unpopular actions, or you will live in an environment of increasing terror until your nation and its culture is nothing like those of your ancestors.

And that goes for the United States as well.

Source: Daily Star

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