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Breaking: Obama Unleashes Final Assault…INSANE Abuse Of Power Rocks Washington!

President Obama is officially in lame duck mode.

But this also means he’s getting really, really desperate…and we should all be suitably concerned.

This is the time of a president’s life when he’s supposed to be enjoying the final few days of pampered existence; you know, taking in some golf on a top-rated course, for example, or enjoying a final few meals of catered elegance and five-star platters.

But Obama, of course, isn’t content to go out that easy, as the evidence has already proven.

He’s only got a few days left to mark his legacy in stone, and he’s doing some last minute legislating and policy-making in the only way he knows how – by bypassing Congress and picking up his much-beloved pen.

Not like anyone is too surprised but it’s still shocking to see it in black-and-white:

Handing out ‘executive orders’ like they were Tic-Tacs, Obama has signed a flurry of rules that will dramatically affect millions of Americans’ lives, many for the worse,” The Federalist Papers Project wrote.

And that’s not simply rhetoric. Obama has indeed been busy signing the presidential orders.

“On Thursday alone, Obama designated three new national monuments and expanded two, eliminated the “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Cuban policy, announced sanctions against 18 Syrian officials for their role in the use of poison gas during the war, gave Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom and officially accused Fiat Chrysler of cheating on national emission standards,” The Federalist Papers Project reported, citing the Washington Post.

Obama’s also taken to hiring as many as he can for his federal agencies, a move aimed at undercutting incoming Donald Trump’s presidency from within.

Here’s the takeaway, America: What you’re witnessing with Obama’s many, many executive memos, orders, mandates and directives, is the petulant and vengeful actions of a spoiled, petulant and vengeful president. Obama knows his days are numbered; he knows his policies and pet programs, many of which he steamrolled into existence, are also numbered.


He never bothered to get congressional backing for many of his programs, and the ones he did were generally ram-rodded through without any backing from Republicans. So here’s the “what goes around comes around” moment. Republicans now have a clean sweep of the halls of Capitol Hill power, and they’re not going to make many concessions with Democrats.

Obama knows this and is making a final desperate lunge for significance. And it’s just beyond pathetic.

Source: The Federalist Papers Project

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