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SHAMEFUL – You Won’t BELIEVE What Obama Did To One Of America’s Proudest Military Units…

If you hadn’t already heard, investigators are looking into a shadowy slush fund set up by Barack Obama.

It basically funneled money away from the U.S. military and into pet projects and organizations with uber-liberal/socialist agendas. Nice, huh?

What our former commander-in-chief did to our once-dominating and proud military is beyond shameful.

While Donald Trump is respecting and loving our soldiers and other law enforcement individuals, Obama spent 8 years stealing away their funds and essentially ignoring them.

We all remember the Obama years:

It was a time when the government shutdown occurred at the behest of a mean-spirited Republican Party who attempted to force the Democrats to do things that they just didn’t agree with ideologically.

Yes, Republicans forced the government shutdown (and let’s not forget that there’s NEVER been a government shutdown – according to the mainstream media – that hasn’t been caused by the GOP), in which people lost their jobs, there was no funding for national parks, etc.

It was all the fault of Republicans, according to Democrats.

Furthermore, during this time, the Triple-A rating of the U.S. was downgraded and a budget committee stepped in to sequester spending so that the military suffered massive cuts.

Conservative Tribune:

“It’s one of the most legendary military units in the long history of the U.S. Army, so legendary that its gained the nicknames ‘the tip of the spear’ and the ‘Screaming Eagles.’

Now, a new report has revealed that the 101st Airborne was decimated by budget cuts during the Obama administration.

The 101st Airborne is based out of Fort Campbell, a sprawling institution that straddles the border between Kentucky and Tennessee. It was the division featured in ‘Band of Brothers,’ it parachuted into Normandy before Allied troops landed there on D-Day, and it’s fighting today in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Yet, as Fox News reported, times have been a lot leaner around Fort Campbell in recent years, and that’s thanks to the Obama administration.

[Col. Craig Alia, Commander, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade] has seen three deployments into Iraq and Afghanistan. He was asked if the 101st could quickly deploy overseas to conduct a major, brigade-sized assault if it were necessary, Alia was pessimistic.

We could not,’ he said. ‘We don’t have the crews to do it.

Amazingly, some former Obama officials have actually said that people in the military are making up the problem.

In an effort to reverse the immense damage done to the military by our own former commander-in-chief, the Trump administration has allocated $54B in new military spending, some of which will end up at Fort Campbell.

All this devastation was not a mere coincidental happenstance created by the Sequester that occurred, but by design from a former president who despised American power and military dominance in the world.

The government shutdown was merely a convenient excuse used to do what Obama had intended to do right from the beginning.

Sources: Conservative TribuneUK Daily Mail

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