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Shocking: Obama Assassination Attempt Exposed As FAKE…This Is Deplorable!

Hey, remember when the Tea Party protestors rioted through Washington, DC, over three nights back in 2009 and 2013 right after Obama was inaugurated?

Remember the firebombing and trashing of squad cars?

Remember the looting of businesses and the damages to private property?

Remember how martial law was instituted and a curfew was enacted?

Remember how the National Guard was brought in to restore order and clear the streets of the criminal element?

…no, didn’t think you would. That’s because it never happened. In fact, it was more popular at the time for Liberals, as well as mainstream media anchors on CNN and MSNBC to poke fun at the Tea Party by making vulgar references to sexual acts.

On Sunday, B-list actress and talk show host, Aisha Tyler, mounted an assault on the Tea Party via Twitter in an attempt to qualify the riots that are being threatened on Trump’s inauguration in January.

Breitbart explains:

“In her December 18 tweet, Tyler responded to a tweet by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who had remarked that Tea Partiers didn’t riot during Obama’s inaugurations.

“Remember when mobs of gun-toting Tea Partiers flooded DC, pledged to assassinate Obama & burned him in effigy on the mall?” Tyler wrote. “Yeah, me too.”


Either the psychotropic drugs that Liberals are currently using to battle election-fatigue have been taken in excess by Tyler, or her synapses are misfiring due to her overexposure to “fake news” through her Facebook account, because what she recalls and what is reality are polar opposites in content.

Breitbart admits that there may have been fringe elements who latched onto the Tea Party that espoused crazed ideas about what protesting actually entailed, but to make comparisons between Tea Partiers and Black Lives Matter or the recent Snowflake Meltdown protests across the country is like comparing Hillary Clinton to Carol Brady.


“There were never any Tea Party supporters “flooding” Washington to target either of Barack Obama’s inaugural events. Indeed, there was no Tea Party at all during his first inaugural in 2009, as the spark that started the tea Party movement didn’t occur until February of 2009, the month after he took the oath of office.”

Tyler and her ilk are (and always will be) Liberals. There is no magic pill to stop the insanity, stupidity, or false recollections. Remember that facts to Liberals are like crucifixes to vampires. And like vampires, Liberals would much rather spend their time sucking the life out of the weak and defenseless than worrying about truth.

Source: Breitbart

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