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SHOCK: Obama’s Most Despicable Betrayal REVEALED – He Chose The WRONG SIDE!

Last week, President Donald Trump met with Saudi Arabian prince Mohammed bin Salman, and it was one of the most cordial and productive meetings of Trump’s young presidency.

That’s right, liberals. The “Muslim hating” Trump earned very high praise from this Muslim leader, who said Trump is “a true friend to Muslims.”

More Democrat rhetoric proven dead flat wrong.

But of course, you won’t hear about that meeting in the mainstream press and if you do, you’re sure to get a highly skewed version of the encounter. Hell, George Soros won’t keep paying the bills if the leftist media doesn’t stick to their agenda.

You won’t see the following story in The New York Times, either.

There has been some question concerning former President Barack Obama’s dedication to wiping out terrorism. One has to question when a country’s leader refuses to even name the enemy…a problem Trump has since remedied.

We’ve also heard about various overseas funding at the hands of Obama, which is HIGHLY questionable to say the least.

Now, it appears he had a great chance to deal ISIS – yes, Radical Islamic terrorists – a deathblow…and he refused it.

From Conservative Tribune:

Prince Faisal Bin Farhan al-Saud, an adviser to the deputy crown prince and a member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, recently explained on Fox News that his country offered to substantially help the United States defeat the Islamic State group, but the Obama administration turned them down.

The Saudis were ‘more than ready to cooperate with the United States on countering ISIS in Syria and Iraq across the region, not just financially, but the Saudi government offered during the Obama administration’s time to send its troops into Syria to fight ISIS,’ he told Bret Baier. The offer ‘was not met with enthusiasm by the Obama administration.’


Any particular reason Obama ignored this offer? I’d be interested in hearing his explanation, wouldn’t you?

The Saudi military isn’t exactly tiny and could’ve certainly helped. Given the opportunity to team up to help rid the world of evil, a real leader should’ve said, “Hell yeah, let’s do it!”

What was stopping him?

Well, when we hear the U.S. military saying Obama essentially stopped the majority of planned attacks on ISIS, we have even more questions. And we start to draw some conclusions as well.

Put the pieces of this treasonous jigsaw puzzle together and you get a terrifying picture. The question is, will the truth ever come out…?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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