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SHOCKING: Obama's Insane New Career LEAKED…America Can't Believe It!

Just when you think President Obama was exiting, stage right, from the White House, leaving behind a satisfying silence that his arrogance used to fill…he decides he wants to remain in the public eye.

Here comes news of his next possible endeavor – and it’s one that could place him squarely back into the spotlight, much to the chagrin of many Americans.

He isn’t thinking about doing more in the political realm; rather, Obama appears to be headed for entertainment. One would assume he’d try the speaking circuit or the golf circuit but no, the former president has grander plans.

Well, that’s if you call this idea “grand.” In point of fact, it doesn’t sound that much different than a play at becoming the male Oprah Winfrey. Yes, the very idea sends chills down the spine but it’s the unvarnished truth.


Obama really is considering a career in the media. As BizPac Review reported:

“Obama considers media to be a central focus of his next chapter,” Jake Horowitz wrote, citing anonymous sources speaking on background, as reported on

It’s still not clear what form that media might take – could be a stream on Netflix; could be a spot on Comedy Central.

But the main takeaway is this: Millennials love both those outlets, and Obama’s presence is sure to be aimed at capturing the hearts and minds of this rising generation.

“Ugh,” wrote Michele Hickford at “Think Obamacare is bad? Just wait ’til you see Obama TV.”


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