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Shock Report: Obama’s Most Despicable Crimes REVEALED…Americans Revolt!

The days are numbered, and President Obama will soon be gone.

Damn good thing, too.

But looking back over his eight years still leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth; the ironic tragedy in all this is that Obama has tried to paint a picture of being a “scandal free” president.

The truth is, though, he’s committed so many unconstitutional acts, it’s hard to keep up with the tally.

“Obama may have kept these scandals out of the spotlight, but that was carefully crafted by the liberal, mainstream media and the Obama White House,” Yes I’m Right reported.

There are no fewer than 18 ridiculous crimes/scandals we can put at the feet of our soon-to-be-former president, and that’s no laughing matter. This is why Ben Shapiro’s video below isn’t even remotely exaggerated…

As Yes I’m Right reported, citing Breitbart, Obama oversaw a stimulus spending plan that used almost a trillion dollars for various entities, he pushed through an Obamacare socialist medical plan by selling a lie that if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor, his administration was busted spying on journalists like James Rosen of Fox News, he pretended Benghazi was a reaction to a YouTube film about Muslims rather than a terror attack, and he oversaw a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran that included secret ransom payments to the rogue nation.


Guess Obama’s definition of scandal is a bit skewed. And don’t forget: This president and his administration has been about the least transparent and open than any previous White House administration.

That’s according to even mainstream media members who’ve complained about being shut out of photographing opportunities, or about being stymied on data and document requests.

Obama, if you remember, ran for the White House on a vow to be the most transparent president ever.

Source: Yes I’m Right, Breitbart

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