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Terrifying: Obama Signs Massive Deal With Major American Enemy…Whose Side Is He On?!

Does Obama hate Western civilization even more than he hates Rush Limbaugh or Fox News?

Shockingly, it seems feasible.

With a mere ten days left in office, President Obama has managed to commit a massive national security faux pas that will go down in our nation’s history as the defining example of colossal stupidity and blind ignorance.

For instance, the announcement that a whopping $10 billion of cash, gold, and other assets that have found their way to Iran during Obama’s reign. That number is a LOT higher than anyone anticipated, and certainly way more than the White House originally claimed.

Now, how’s about a ton of uranium? Oh, it all started 7 years ago for Obama and Co…remember this?

And now, according to Conservative Tribune (CT) and the Associated Press:

“The Obama administration and other world powers approved a shipment of nearly 130 tons of natural uranium from Russia to Iran, senior diplomats told the Associated Press.

The diplomats, who did not wish to be identified, said the move sought to keep Tehran committed to the nuclear deal and was designed to compensate the Islamic Republic for exporting 44 tons of reactor coolant that can be used to create plutonium for nuclear weapons.

Tehran did not say what it would do with the uranium, ABC reported. Tehran could possibly store it or enrich it and export it for use as reactor fuel.”

All right, let’s first confront the elephant in the room, shall we?

What the BLEEP is Obama colluding with Russia for when it comes to giving (of all things) pure uranium to the worst of the State-funded terrorist nations!? If you’ve been alive and semi-conscious for the past month, you’d believe that Russia had just announced the annexation of Canada, for crying out loud! And yet, here we are trusting them to dole out this radioactive metal!

Secondly, since Obama has somehow in the past 48 hours lifted his righteously indignant embargo over the Russians in order to make this deal happen for Iran, by chance is the uranium being gifted to the Middle Eastern nation originating from the same cache that Hillary Clinton brokered? Remember when she traded 1/5th of the US uranium supply to the Russians in exchange for $145M in donations to the Clinton Foundation? Hmm…

“This shipment can be described as many things, but it does not seek to keep Tehran committed to a nuclear pact. One would argue it does just the opposite.

President Barack Obama has yet again sold out America to its enemies. His last days in office are turning out to be some of his worst.”

This man flapped his gums today in a farewell speech about the children of America and their future…even after having just agreed to fork over 130 tons (or 260K pounds) of pure uranium to people who want us dead!

There is no denying it: Barack Obama would like nothing more than to see all the West reduced to mere third-world status. He’s also making sure that Donald Trump will have to deal with a nuclear-capable Iran in the process.

And he’s willing to trade in his precious Legacy to accomplish this treachery.

Source: Conservative Tribune, Associated Press

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