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Obama Suffers GARGANTUAN Defeat…Senate Demolishes BIG Piece Of The ‘Legacy’!

Quick, somebody cue the crocodile. We need some fresh tears.

What the Senate just did is sure to impact the dinner conversation of Michelle and Barack Obama – and the prior president ain’t gonna be happy.

No dessert for you, Malia. Go to bed, Sasha. No reading. Turn out the light.

Is it because we found out the Obama administration had secretly targeted now-resigned national security adviser Michael Flynn? That’s pretty bad, right?


This is about the Senate smashing another of Obama’s final rules into oblivion. See, Obama had no issue with arming terrorists but apparently, he didn’t like the idea of senior citizens owning guns in this country.

But no longer.

“The Senate voted Wednesday to rescind one of the final rules implemented by the Obama administration, which was a gun control measure,” Western Journalism reported. “The Obama rule required the Social Security Administration to report anyone who requires third-party assistance to manage his or her Social Security benefits to be placed on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Anyone on that list cannot buy a gun.”

Oooh. That’s a good one, Senate.

Gun control was one of Obama’s biggest all-courts-press – gun control and closing Guantanamo Bay. And on both, he failed to accomplish the dream.

And now the Senate’s just twisting that knife in deeper, isn’t it? The Senate has already dealt a gigantic blow to Obamacare and we’re betting the former first family is none too pleased.

Really, there’s little they agree on more than the need to shred the Second Amendment…unless maybe it’s the need to hire more armed security guards for Capitol Hill. Those two items are big: boot the Second Amendment, hire more guards for Congress.

Yep, big points of Democrat agreement.

Now the Senate has stripped yet another page from Obama’s Fond Memories of Regulations book. And here’s the big reason to cheer:

Team Obama had successfully woven into existence a national gun ban list, a complete slap in the face of all things Founding Fathers. And now the Senate, in all its Republican-led wisdom, has turned back the clock and restored sanity.

Source: Western Journalism

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