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Breaking: Massive Obama/Democrat Conspiracy Exposed…America Is Reeling!

Ben Franklin once said, “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

One wonders how many bodies are buried up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue these days, considering that the Obama Administration is apparently the most secretive of the past six administrations!

According to HotAir, New York Times reporter, James Risen, has been under investigation by Eric Holder’s/Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice for the past three years. Risen, who was speaking to a CNN host mentioned that after he had several run-ins with the Obama Administration following especially probing questions, the executive branch went into hyper-spin mode in order to depict the reporter as a political combatant.

Risen explained to CNN:

“Well, they have gone after — as you said, criminalized investigative reporting. They try to take, essentially, stories that they don’t like, and try to find some classified information that might be part of that, and then turn it into a criminal leak investigation in which they say someone mishandled or disclosed classified information. As you know, you could do that with virtually any story in Washington.”

HotAir goes on:

“Curiously, we have seen very few media outlets draw a parallel between the two very different ways in which the Obama administration’s DoJ enforced the law on the handling of classified information. That’s also very interesting, because most of the media spent the last year attempting to minimize Hillary’s jaw-dropping corruption of legitimate oversight of the State Department and her exposure of national-security data through a home-brew server.

They covered it as a political attack by Republicans rather than the serious breach of both classified-information security and constitutional checks and balances that it was. It’s as if they see their interests more in protecting Democrats than protecting themselves. Go figure.

Bear all of this in mind when we hear the media — and especially Barack Obama — complain about “fake news” and the supposed “post-fact” era.”

What is even more curious, though, is CNN’s treatment of Risen and this information. Only now, after the election is weeks over, have the Obama-zealots at the Clinton News Network decided that this story requires coverage.

It reminds me of Ipsos releasing polling data two weeks AFTER the election that was advantageous to Trump. Not only is this administration secretive, but there’s also an avalanche of skeletons tumbling out of CNN’s archival closet as we speak.

Source: HotAir, CNN

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