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LEAKED: Obama Preparing Final Desperate Attack On Trump…This Is Unforgivable!

Stop him…now.

President Obama, ever the pragmatic, no doubt realizes his legacy at this point is basically one of failure.

He’s failed to win the hearts of Americans on Obamacare. He’s failed to win the backing of businesses on his White House controls and mandates. He’s failed to win the support of police and local law enforcement, who see him as a social justice crusader. He’s failed to win the minds of conservatives on even those policy positions that ought to be bipartisan – because he’s so ramrod partisan and nasty in his rhetoric.

And that’s just a drop in the big ol’ bucket called “Obama’s Failures.”

So what’s a pragmatic politician to do?

Try and secure a legacy in the last days of his presidency that isn’t so failure-ridden.

Sadly, to Obama, who knows nothing about the fine art of politicking but plenty about the power of the whine and the control that can come from crying – particularly with a complicit press in your back pocket – his idea of latching on to a last-minute, feel-good-for-all legacy is to try and slide by last-minute, back-door deals.

As Fox News finds:

“Critics worry the outgoing president may saddle his successor with new federal legal action targeting U.S. businesses.”

Sounds about right. That’s Obama, pure and simple. So conservatives have taken pen to paper and inked a letter to the Donald Trump transition team warning of the looming regulations and litigations.

“It has come to our attention that a number of Departments and independent agencies are working furiously behind closed doors to bring significant, legally tenuous litigation against American business interests before January 20, 2017,” the letter reads, Fox News reports.

The point?

To petition the President-elect to put a stop to any and all such litigation.

“Should the Obama Administration bring non-routine, last minute, legally unorthodox midnight litigation, your Administration should not hesitate to withdraw immediately from that litigation,” the letter says.

Oh, quite right on that. Obama’s bullypit he calls the White House comes to an end January 20. And there’s absolutely no reason why Trump’s shouldn’t take whatever steps necessary to make that clear.

Source: Fox News

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