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HORROR: Obama Election H-Bomb Erupts…He Can Be President AGAIN?!

Oh NO.

You know, a small part of all of us knew – KNEW – we weren’t going to get rid of this guy.

After he said he could’ve beaten Donald Trump had he been allowed to run for a third term (which our readers didn’t agree with, by the way), we kinda got a clue that he still wanted a piece of the political pie.

Then when we found out Obama was operating behind the scenes, attempting to thwart Trump, we grew even more concerned.

And while we knew Obama couldn’t technically run for President of the United States again (he couldn’t, right?), we sane individuals have been worried this guy would find a way to regain power.

Now, I’m not really 100% sure of the logistics or the legality, but if Barack Obama wanted to become a citizen of another country, would he have to denounce the United States…?

Maybe other countries would have the kind of ridiculous non-combative approach to illegal aliens as we have here and Obama could merely jump the border of another country and live in the shadows for a short time before obtaining a fake ID, stealing someone else’s identity, robbing a living or dead person of their Social Security Number, and applying for welfare and government assistance.

Allen B. West:

A group of voters in France is urging former President Obama to run in the French presidential election this spring.

‘At a time when France is about to vote massively for the extreme right, we can still give a lesson of democracy to the planet by electing a French President, a foreigner,’ the French website for ‘OBAMA17’ reads, ABC News first reported on Thursday.

The group has reason to be worried. Right-wing politics have been sweeping across Europe. In the UK, the British people voted to leave the European Union shortly after elected a conservative government. In France and Germany, polls show that right-wing parties could be on the verge of stunning victories in this year’s elections.

ABC said OBAMA17 posters have been spotted across Paris, and the group’s website has a petition begging Obama to enter the race.”


The group is attempting to get 1M signatures on a petition, although it sure seems that the group is setting a real low bar. If so many people are champing at the bit for a chance to vote for “Miracle Max and his Magical Tax” (Obama’s nickname in Democratic circles) then why not 10M signatures?

The sad fact of the matter is, unfortunately for us, Obama will stay sequestered behind lead-lined walls of secrecy in his shadow government down the street from the White House.

And the greater portion of sane French people will breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that they won’t have to endure any returned Nobel Peace Prizes, lines drawn in the sand of Syria, or their president talking about visiting all 22 provinces of France (there are only 18).

Plus, Obama won’t be able to attempt to subvert the government and break any and all rules and policies.

Besides, before Barack Pierre Obama becomes a French President, it’s only fair that he master the English language before he attempts to learn a second (Example: Corpse-man for Marine Corpsman).

If he does manage to run there for office, I have two words for him: Bon Voyage!

Source: Allen B. West

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