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Obama Election Scandal Breaks Over 21 States – New Evidence Rocks Washington

The issue of Russian hacking into our voting systems is back in the news.

While it’s doubtful that the results of the elections were changed, it is now clear that there were efforts on the part of the Russians to gain information from state voting systems.

The claim comes as information is released about what the Obama administration knew, and why state secretaries – who are typically the states’ chief election officials – were not informed of this breach of security.

Like many questionable practices, this is coming out after Obama’s term in office.

As things stand now, DHS officials have officially advised a U.S. Senate committee of the violation of 21 state election systems, apparently by Russian interests.

However, the states still do not know which states comprise that group of 21. Why?

Because the claim is that the secretaries of state did not have security classification to receive such information. In other words, the Obama White House never bothered to tell them.

Via Daily Caller:

“State election officials still don’t know which 21 of their jurisdictions Russian hackers targeted, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

“Secretaries of state — who are the top election officials in 40 states — told TheDCNF they were shocked to learn of the Russian hacking when Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials first divulged it at a June 21, 2017, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing.

Yes, it’s now coming out that the Russians apparently targeted the voter rolls in 21 states but apparently, this was not a major issue for Mr. Obama.

“The testimony of Jeanette Manfra, acting deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity and communications at DHS’s National Protection and Programs Directorate, before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence stunned NAAS [National Association of Secretaries of State].

‘We have evidence of election-related systems in 21 states that were targeted,’ she said.

Why was this information not shared with the states when it was discovered? And it’s not just Republican secretaries of state who are upset.

“Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos, who is a Democrat and president-elect of NASS, agreed with Lawson.

‘We were not notified. None of the states were notified,’ he said.

“‘One of the reasons why they said they couldn’t tell us about the 21 states is because we didn’t have security clearances.

Doesn’t it make sense that they might find a way to give us a security clearance so we can talk to each other about this?’ Condos added.”

Excellent question.


There also appeared to be a typical federal power grab at work here as well.

“State election officials are also disturbed that former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson designated state election systems as ‘federal critical infrastructure’ with no prior consultation.

DHS officials informed the states the federal designation was being considered in August 2016. But Johnson made it official in January 2017 just weeks before the Obama administration ended.”

How convenient.

“Both Democrat and Republican secretaries of state have opposed the federal designation.

Many see it as a power play to ‘nationalize’ our election system, which is now run at the state and local level.

They also charge federal officials are clueless about how state and local election systems operate.”

Ignorance of how things work has seldom been an impediment to federal meddling and intervention before.

And having the federal government take over our state voting systems is an ominous move, one not surprisingly started under the Obama administration.

Thank GOD Obama is no longer in the White House.

Source: Daily Caller

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