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Obama GUILTY Of ‘Widespread’ Federal Violations – SHOCKING Abuse Of Power Revealed!

When Barack Obama first campaigned and then came into office, his one, resounding theme was “Change”.

According to the Democrats, the faithful Chihuahua lapdog media, and the George Soros-paid protestors, the change that was going to take place in the White House was so profound and life-altering, that no one would recognize the United States after Barack was through it…I mean, after his term came to an end.

Yep, “change.”

That change included many wonderful and diverse programs like:

Forcing little girls in bathrooms to be exposed to little boys pretending to be girls, selling guns to drug lords in Mexico so that they could shoot our border agents, and fund the selling of baby parts to the highest bidder.

Yes, the times were happy-go-lucky and out of control, in your face, raucous, crazy change times.

Of course, there was also hiding the truth from federal judges and the flat-out lying to protect our nation’s enemies but hey, change requires SOME sacrifice, right?

Of those “positive” changes was as follows: Obama created the 18F Department Program that would effectively live on the edge and throw away all pretense of safety and sobriety in order to get the US government up to snuff in the latest technologies.

Fox News:

By July, according to an earlier Inspector General’s report, 18F was doing $31 million worth of business with 31 federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

However much money it made, however, 18F was losing more — one of the original reasons the Inspector General’s watchdogs got involved.

In an initial report last October, the IG’s staffers warned that the hot-shot start-up had lost more than $31 million from its launch in 2014 through the third quarter of 2016 — and had always been operating in the red, with revenue projections for its services running tens of millions of dollars ahead of actual revenues.


One major reason was ballooning staff rolls: 18F had grown from a 33-person start-up in April 2014 to more than 200 people by March 2016 — a more than 500 percent increase.

That October IG report also quoted one 18F official as saying, “to be frank, there are some of us that don’t give a rip about the losses” involved in its growth spurt. GSA’s then-regional administrator for the West Coast, Andrew McMahon, is quoted in the October report as agreeing, “Sure, in the end, I could care less.” (According to his LinkedIn website, McMahon, who describes himself as a “co-founder of 18F,” left GSA in January 2017.)”

It is a foregone conclusion that this type of cavalier behavior led to one of the worst examples of a country’s fiscal management gone awry.

Barack Obama was never interested in the saving-taxpayer-money mantra. He was way too important to be expected to think about us poor saps. And government spending was so insane, it’s just terrifying.

Obama is gone, but he is not forgotten.

And his severely dangerous procedures for integrating a better technological system in the government caused uncountable breaches that we will have to live with for decades.

Source: Fox News

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