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HAHA! – Obama Freeloaders SOB Like 7-Year-Olds When Trump AXES Their Freebies!

With less dependence on government, giving people back their freedom of choice SHOULD be a happily-received gift…right?

I mean, especially when one considers how many regulations had been slapped onto American businesses, whose costs in turn went way up.

Those costs, of course, were then passed onto the consumer and, well, you know the rest.

Obama and his administration, as well as Party of the Jackass members of Congress (and elitist-type Establishment RINOs) all seemed to be in “destroy the country’s assets mode” as they attempted to shatter any spending records for all departments.

There was not a single thing that Obama could do because the economy (which he inherited from George Bush) was so bad that he had to…SPEND MORE MONEY!

Meanwhile, Conservatives were screaming their heads off to stop the madness and not extend the debt ceiling another penny.  It didn’t happen, unfortunately…until now.

No free phone?! SHOCK AND AWE! Dear Lord, what will the freeloaders DO?!

MAD World News:

“Life was good for lazy freeloaders under Barack Obama’s administration, but that’s most recently come to a screeching halt. 

Unfortunately for them, it’s only going to get worse as President Donald Trump is now eyeing the next luxurious freebie that’s about to get cut – and it’s one that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars every month.

If ever the Democratic lifecycle of paid votes was exposed, it was when Obama was in office.  Simply put, handouts were granted under the condition that if you want the ‘free money’ to continue, you have to vote blue in each election.

According to reports, Congress has currently put up a replacement idea for Obamacare, and the one thing it does is take away from the people who don’t necessarily need insurance for free. 

Of course, they want to make the insurance market more affordable for everyone, but it looks like the handouts are among the first things to get the ax.


It’s time that the freeloaders of this country come to terms with accountability and responsibility.  When it comes down to it, we don’t have a choice when it comes to being an adult – you either deal with it or face the consequences when you ignore it. 

It’s really as simple as that.”

You know, there’s scientific evidence that indicates freeloaders are more likely to be mentally ill. Well, that study was referring to liberals but in truth, saying “liberals” and “freeloaders” in the same sentence is redundant.

And really, the faster this Obamacare goes, the better.

The days when our government can force us to buy a product we don’t even want is behind us.  Gone are the days when the Democrat Party bends your arm behind your back and whispers in your ear, “C’mon, just swallow the medicine!  It’s good for you!”

Donald Trump is here to fix the problem.  And fixing Obamacare means trashing the whole damned thing!

Source:  MAD World News

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