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TREASON – Obama, Hillary Caught In MAMMOTH Scandal, Taxpayers In FULL REVOLT!

Democrats are great at one thing: Stealing taxpayer dollars.

Okay, so it’s not always “theft;” sometimes, they just hide behind countless assistance programs and drain the pockets of every hard-working American, and then call it “progress.”

But there are times when it absolutely IS theft.

You may recall that whole Israel/Obama/UN disaster late last year, right? And then Obama turned around and lied through his teeth, which insiders later exposed…?

Now, on a seemingly unrelated note, you will of course remember all the documented evidence that links the Crooked Clintons to all sorts of misappropriated funds, and this includes a definite Russian connection.

Oh, but the issues ARE related. How so, you ask?

They both involve corrupt politicians receiving and using money in ways they shouldn’t. And now, a huge new scandal has broken, which involves both Hillary Clinton and former president Barack Obama:

As spotted at Reddit, both of these dirty politicians misused taxpayer funds and other monies for various purposes. This includes unseating Benjamin Netanyahu, by the way, so that alone proves the Democratic Party’s hatred of Israel.

Essentially, the Obama State Department handed One Voice about $350,000, then One Voice created the V15 campaign to oppose Bibi’s election in Israel. More from the New York Post:

US taxpayer funds intended to aid peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians ended up aiding a campaign to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a Senate report released Tuesday.

On top of which, there’s evidence that say taxpayer funds were used to further the causes of both Hillary and Barack, which is enough to make every American see RED.

This is precisely the kind of thing we need to be investigating. Not whether or not Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign just because he TALKED to Russia (if that’s even true).

The true criminals are right here, as they’ve always been. And the evidence is piling up.

Source: Reddit, New York Post

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