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It’s OVER! Obama Humiliated By MIND-BLOWING Intelligence Leak – It’s PROOF, America!

Did Barack Obama open the spying floodgates BEFORE the massive wiretapping scandal?

And here’s an even more frightening question:

If this alleged wiretapping did happen – and evidence to support the theory has been piling up – which government agencies had access to the leaked information?

Okay, let’s face it: Democrats are all about big government. Sure, it’s one massively hypocritical U-turn from the anti-establishment ’60s rhetoric but hey, liberals just want an excuse to be lazy.

If big government allows them to do LESS, they’re all in.

Of course, with big government comes an invasion of privacy and plenty of underhanded tactics, precisely because citizens gave Big Brother far too much power.

For example, when the terrifying WikiLeaks/CIA scandal broke a few weeks ago, that alerted Americans to the fact that in truth, nobody’s privacy is safe. And it may never be again, unfortunately.

Now we’re learning that Obama may have done something just before leaving office that led to the whole wiretapping mess. Via Western Journalism:

Shortly before former President Barack Obama left office, he changed the rules about how one of America’s top spy agencies could share its most sensitive data, vastly increasing the numbers of people who had access to the information.

The change has implications not only for the investigation into leaks coming out of President Donald Trump’s White House, but also whether the information gathered when Trump Tower was under surveillance prior to last year’s election has been shared.

On Jan. 12, the Obama administration allowed communications intercepted anywhere by the National Security Agency to be shared with all members of the American intelligence community.

These new rules meant the NSA had far more freedom with intel gathered by surveillance operations. More officials were allowed to search through the raw data, which in turn means the potential for abuse dramatically increased.


Said an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Nate Cardazo:

The fact that they’re relaxing these privacy-protective rules just as Trump is taking the reins of the surveillance state is inexplicable to me.

The changes they’re making today are widening the aperture for abuse to happen just as abuses are becoming more likely.

It used to be that if NSA itself saw the evidence of a crime, they could give a tip to the FBI, and the FBI would engage in parallel construction. Now FBI will be able to get into the raw data themselves and do what they will with it.

This, hot on the heels of another scandal that rocked Obama: Manipulation of Obamacare exposure and comments on Facebook.

Seems like every time we turn around, our former commander-in-chief’s name pops up in some very questionable and concerning reports. He opened the door for freer exchange of surveillance intel, correct?

…what’s that tell us?

Sources: Western Journalism, The Daily Caller

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