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Staggering: Obama Humiliated, Legacy Suffers Final Crushing Blow…He’s FINISHED!

President Barack Obama is in a world of hurt right now.

Scandals keep breaking left and right and every time he makes a move, he steps in a big pile of sh**.  From the UN/Israel fiasco to his latest outrageous power-grab, the soon-to-be-former president is just out of control.

And Colonel Allen West isn’t happy about it. In fact, he’s been disgusted with Obama’s reign for the past eight years, and now he has some choice words for the Commander-in-Chief.

As cited by Conservative101, West rips into Obama, first for the president’s recent claim that he would’ve won a third term had he been allowed to run again. Then, West went after Barack’s plan to be a sort of “talent scout” for the crumbling Democratic Party:

“’Obama also recently stated he’d be interested in being a kind of talent scout for the Democrat Party.’ Countered West, trashing radical liberal college students, ‘Yes, President Obama, this is your pool of recruits, but understand something, there are more of us, everyday patriotic Americans, than these whiners, wimps, and wussies…that was proved on November 8th.’

Yeah, we’re all sick and tired of the era of victimization. All that has created is a country of young do-nothing, pathetic whiners who have endless problems and “issues” and can’t seem to leave their bedrooms.


But it didn’t end there. West had more to say on the subject:

Furthermore, we’re out recruiting and developing the next generation of constitutional conservatives on college campuses, and in our high schools — that’s what Young America’s Foundation is all about. I implore you sir, continue to seek out these kids who seek to be victims. We’ll seek out victors, and guess who wins in the end? Go ahead Barack, and be the talent scout for those who cry when they don’t get what they want.

We’ll raise up the next generation that cries when they hear our National Anthem played, or when Taps is played for a fallen American Warrior. Go right ahead Obama, and find the new leadership of the Democrat Party from the ranks of ‘marginalized populations.’ We’ll teach, coach, and mentor the future leaders of America from those who are empowered regardless of where they come from, or where they were born…as they know what unites isn’t centered on identity politics, but identity as an American.

This is just epic. This is precisely what needed to be said and truly, what most Americans have wanted to say for years. It’s nothing but common sense and harsh truth, two things liberals have never embraced or even understood.

Bye, Barack! HELLO, Donald!

Source: Conservative101

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