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Shock Report: Obama’s Biggest Lie Exposed…Leaked Economy Stats Stun America!

The REAL truth, right here.

President Obama’s administration hasn’t been shy: It has touted stellar unemployment numbers and job statistics for the last few years now. It’s a big part of his “legacy,” after all, and we’re all supposed to laud his efforts.

And Obama may be trying to leave office crowing more of the same – that his economic recovery plans snatched America from the jaws of depressive and set her on a course to financial soundness and growth.

But the proof’s in the numbers and frankly, those numbers aren’t good. In fact, they’re downright bad, which is precisely the opposite of what Obama and his team have been bragging about, right?

Yup. Check it out:

“Barack Obama’s presidency began with a record number of Americans not in the labor force, and it’s ending the same way,” CNS News reported.

How so?

The final jobs report of Obama’s White House tenure was just released and what it shows is that the number of Americans who’ve left the job force – who’ve just stopped trying to find employment – jumped more than 18 percent since January 2009, or by 14,573,000.

Month by month, the joblessness under Obama grew, as did the number of Americans who outright quit seeking work, due to frustrations about not finding any, until the number in December 2016 hit a record 95,102,000. That’s how many Americans stopped looking for work during Obama’s two terms.

Gee, that seems in stark contrast to CNN’s report a few months back:

More lies.

As for the facts, congratulations, Mr. President.

Looks like your legacy of joblessness, little growth and economically stale policy has hit the record books. Obama’s tried selling mainstream and middle-of-the-road America for years on how great his economy has been. And some in America may have wondered if they were perhaps the sad or unlucky few who’ve not been able to find work in what the White House pained as a great economy.

Well, now everybody knows. It’s not the worker. It’s the president. And his policies and politics have steadily led America down a path of financial woe, as the statistics indicate.

Good thing January 20 and a man with a business mind and “Make America Great Again” plan is headed to the chief position in the White House.

Source: CNS News

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