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Outrageous: Obama Goes BERZERK…Midnight Regulations Explode In Final Days!

OBAMA: (whiny) “But, ma’, all the presidents do it!”

OBAMA MAMA: Well, Barry, if all the presidents jumped off the fiscal cliff, would you jump, too? Well?

OBAMA: …I’m thinking!

A last-gasp finger-wagging lecture by Obama through mouthpiece Josh Earnest capped off the recent rash of eleventh hour appointments by the president.

In this latest surge of paybacks to all his loyal subjects, President Obama went above and beyond the normal Medal of Freedom awards that he may have bestowed upon himself had it not been so narcissistic.

Fox News:

The White House announced a wave of nearly 60 appointments earlier this week to relatively obscure commissions, boards and other bodies — which, despite being largely unpaid positions, still offer a degree of prestige and influence for those chosen.

These assignments included:
•National Security Adviser Susan Rice and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett as general trustees of the Board of Trustees for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
•Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and former Michelle Obama head speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz as members of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.
•Deputy National Security Adviser Avril Haines as a member of the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service.
•Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies, as a member on the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

Even celebrities were called up from the minor leagues to come play with the big dawgs. Staunch anti-Trump basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was appointed to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. Term limits for these posts range anywhere from 4 years to life (sounds more like a prison term).

Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, defended the late appointments by the president, but not before making sure to throw in an Obama-style mini temper tantrum about not getting his way.

“This is sending a clear signal to Congress about who are the people who are qualified for these jobs, and this can send clear signals, both in terms of career trajectory, and that the president has confidence in their ability.”

Earnest wrapped by saying there are “many deserving Americans” put forward by the administration that were treated in “breathtakingly unfair ways” by Congress.”

Treated in “breathtakingly unfair ways”? You mean, like Justice Clarence Thomas?

Yeah, Josh, we know all about “unfair”. Like how Obama gave HIMSELF an award a short while ago? That kind of unfair?

Or, maybe it’s otherwise known as “The Chicago Way”. Ask your boss about it at the Farewell to Our Savior pity party on Friday…

Source: Fox News

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