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Shocking: Obama’s Sick Abuse Of Power Revealed…Even The Military Couldn’t Stop Him!

In a last-minute move, President Obama commuted the sentence of the former Bradley Manning, who now goes by the name Chelsea Manning.

This did NOT go over well with a lot of people. After all, we’re talking about someone who gave away American secrets, a crime which is seen as totally unforgivable by most true-blue citizens.

Manning was charged with spilling military secrets to WikiLeaks, for which courts issued a sentence of 35 years. So far, Manning’s served only seven years and most would agree that he/she should, at the very least, serve many more years.

But Obama said no. The commutation came down from the highest power in the land (just one of a slew of “midnight regulations” and other last-second activities that have stunned this country), so that’s that.

But if the commutation seems like it’s letting Manning off with a very lenient, extremely light sentence…well, that’s because it is. And guess who opposed the HELL out of this move?

“Both Fox News and CNN reported that Defense Secretary Ash Carter, as well as top Army leaders, opposed Obama’s action to let Manning go free after serving only seven of the 35 years to which the former Army intelligence analyst was sentenced for giving military secrets to WikiLeaks,” Western Journalism reported.

CNN also reported the news rocked the intel world.

Citing a former intelligence official, CNN said the entire intelligence community is deflated by this inexplicable use of executive power.”

And rightly so.

Manning’s big claim to fame was the transference of inside Army information to WikiLeaks, something America’s intelligence and military analysts said caused undue damage to the country, the ripple effect of which the United States is still experiencing.

But Manning’s even bigger claim to fame is what earned the commutation: While in prison, Manning claimed to be a girl inside and sought permission to undergo hormone therapy. The government, under President Obama, granted it.

And Manning became an overnight celebrity for the whole LGBTQ movement, something that Obama holds near and dear to his heart anyway. So the big takeaway is this:

Don’t get caught giving out Army intel to WikiLeaks – unless, of course, you happen to be a transitioning transgender and the Democrats are in charge.

Source: Western Journalism, CNN

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