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Obama Exposed As The LEAST Progressive President Ever…Liberal Snowflakes MELTING!

There was a time when this country stood for something.

It stood for progress, in point of fact. No, not the “progress” the Democrats and Liberals are so fond of crowing about, which, in all honesty, can only be described as regression.

Progress actually means moving forward in everything that matters, and this includes the economy as well as “social growth.” We’ve been declining so rapidly in so many important areas, from business to education, that it’s actually mind-numbingly depressing. Worst of all, the Leftists would have us all believe that we’ve made “progress,” that President Barack Obama was the most “progressive” president in history.

Rather, we’ve gone backwards. Businesses deserted the U.S. like rats from a sinking ship during Obama’s reign, and this nonsense about job growth has long since been exposed as nothing but lies on top of lies. We don’t promote progress; we spend our days whining about tolerance when in reality, the Democrats have become the most INtolerant group of people in this country’s history.

Obama cultivated divisiveness the way a mother hen mothered its brood. The result is not a united a country but a hugely polarized one, and a marginalized group of citizens that are (wait for it) white, middle-class workers.

Donald Trump didn’t win because everyone who doesn’t live in New York or California are backwoods Neanderthals; clueless archaic bigots and racists who spend their days scratching themselves. No, that’s the excuse Liberals want to use because it supports their agenda. It spreads the belief that anybody who doesn’t agree with them isn’t merely wrong but inferior.

Trump won because the liberal snowflakes have brought a once-great country to its knees. These people can’t do ANYTHING. They can complain and whine but that’s about it; we have bred a country of shockingly helpless individuals and they are correctly dubbed “snowflakes” because they have the fortitude of gnats.

This isn’t about greed returning to the populace. This is about a whole lot of people who work their fingers to their bone, who are sick of doing so for OTHER people (many of whom have absolutely no legal right to be here in the first place), who are good, upstanding citizens, who have been listening to the liberal agenda in the media for well over a decade and have been wondering only one thing:

“Why does my voice suddenly count for less? Because I’m white? Because I was born here? I work harder than all these people combined and I’m suddenly a second-class citizen?!”

The short answer is, “yes.” And getting back to the point above, the people who really make this country run, those who have sacrificed everything for the sake of real progress, are the ones being marginalized. The whiners and complainers and protesters? We can easily afford to lose ’em all because they don’t do sh** to begin with.

The Great Obama Spiral is almost over and the day of the snowflake is almost over as well. The economy is heating back up again and it’s due in large part to Trump; that $10 billion Toyota announcement hasn’t been the first and it certainly won’t be the last example of Trump’s overwhelmingly positive impact.

In brief: The future is, at long last, bright.

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