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YES! Obama-Era Rule Gets BLASTED Sky-High – See Why Our Police Officers LOVE IT!

At one time, it appeared inevitable that Obama’s administration would obtain permanent control over our local police departments.

It was a VERY scary moment.

Obama didn’t care which rules he broke; he was going to do whatever was necessary to ensure his word was gospel. The number of federal violations he broke is just…mind-boggling.

Anyway, Loretta Lynch was on her “goodwill tour” of police departments when she coincidentally “ran into” Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the airport and had an impromptu meeting with him in her private jet, jesting about grandchildren!

You know, the meeting that occurred while Hillary was being grilled about her email scandal?

That tour was the systematic step-by-Alinsky-step of taking over the ENTIRE American police force and nationalizing it in order to shove the Progressive agenda down their throats.

The whole incredible scenario was enabled by a very volatile situation with Black America, wherein they were convinced by Leftist officials that men and women in blue in every corner of the country were on a racist rampage against African-Americans.

All this was made possible by a president willing to put Americans in harm’s way IF the means to an end were achieved.

The end, of course, was the complete takeover of the States’ rights to write their own law enforcement rules of engagement. But now, things are changing:

Western Journalism:

“Former President Barack Obama’s attempt to extend his influence beyond his presidency has received another blow from Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In a March 31 memorandum made public this week, Sessions ordered the Justice Department to review agreements the Obama administration made with police departments who had been subject to high-profile incidents involving police officers.

The agreements were the first step to developing consent orders to change police practices.

Sessions added that while while “local control and local accountability are necessary for effective policing, it is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies.”

If you recall, Sessions addressed this issue during his Senate confirmation hearing. He said the government has sought to “undermine the respect for police officers and create an impression that the entire department is not doing their work consistent with fidelity to law and fairness.”

Yes, rather than impune an entire department, let’s try to be LOGICAL.

And let’s try to remember that Blue Lives Matter is a critical cornerstone of this country, and we applaud whenever our police officers earn another tough victory.

As expected, Leftists took umbrage to the Attorney General’s actions, while law enforcement groups the land over applauded his efforts.

Source: Western Journalism

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