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Breaking: Obama Scandal Engulfs America…BILLIONS Have Disappeared Overseas!

Okay, so we know Barack Obama never had any trouble throwing money around.

Of course, WHERE that money went is cause for serious concern. The now-legendary Iran scandal saw untold billions disappear, which should be a gigantic red flag for all true-blue Americans.

But the spending was hardly any better on the domestic front.

How about the $2.6 billion lost to the outrageous welfare programs during Obama’s rule? Taxpayers are still foaming at the mouth over THAT one.

Now, it appears even more billions have flooded out of the country and this time, in the direction of an organization that has come under heavy fire recently. President Donald Trump has already threatened to slash funding…

But Obama? Nah, he sent the United Nations a ridiculous $9.2 billion during his last year in office.

From Fox News:

The total is gleaned from a document that summarizes U.S. government spending for international organizations, and is  about 20 per cent higher than the $7.7 billion figure  given out by State for 2010, before the Obama Administration abruptly quit providing any overall tally for its U.N. support.

The overall U.S. bill for international organizations of every stripe is just under $10.5 billion, meaning that U.N. organizations absorb about 88 per cent of such U.S. government spending.

The new tally includes nearly $360 million for  the controversial United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA, which is regularly accused of inculcating violent anti-Israel attitudes and even abetting  terrorist attacks on Israel, which it strongly denies.

Yeah, did you catch that last part there? About the $360 million for UNRWA? Gee, that explains the previous breaking news that millions and millions of dollars flew over to Palestine, courtesy of Obama.

It also helps explain that Obama/UN/Israel nastiness, from which many Americans haven’t quite recovered.

Thankfully, President Trump froze the $221 million “gift” Obama had planned to send to Palestine, so at least we have a leader now who understands when the line has been crossed…and crossed again, over and over.

Despite the huge influx of cash, the UN still begs for money, especially humanitarian funds to help deal with a festering swamp of international crises and conflicts. UNICEF just announced a new $3.4 billion appeal, if you can believe that.

Yes, the world has problems. But so does this country. And it’s long past time we start focusing on our OWN issues at home, because if we don’t, we won’t be able to help anyone.

Let’s get this done, Donald! Fix us FIRST!

Source: Fox News


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