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Bombshell: Obama/UN Scandal Sparks Revolution…His Own Party Just Abandoned Him!

When your own party wants nothing more to do with you, that’s a sign.

When your own party basically lambasts you for the same reasons everyone ELSE is lambasting you, you should probably take notice.

President Obama’s backdoor dealings that brought about the creation and passage of a U.N. resolution demanding Israel stop building in settlement areas – secret sessions the Obama administration categorically denies took place, despite mounting evidence proving they did – are leaving a larger footprint than in the Jewish state.

Apparently, not all Democrats are on board with betraying Israel. In fact, there are even a few in Congress who don’t like what they see with the Obama administration, as it pertains to the face-slap to Israel and back-pat to the United Nations.

“The Obama administration has sparked a revolt among Democratic senators by allowing the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israel,” Western Journalism reported.

Who’s leading the Democratic charge against Obama? Well, New York’s leading guy, Sen. Chuck Schumer, for one.

He tweeted, of the deal: “Extremely frustrating, disappointing & confounding that the Administration has failed to veto the UN resolution.”

Schumer, incoming as the Senate Minority Leader, also put out a statement expanding on his displeasure.

“Whatever one’s views are on settlements, the UN is the wrong forum to settle these issues. The UN has been a fervently anti-Israel body since the days of ‘Zionism is racism’ and, unfortunately, that fervor has never diminished,” he said, Western Journalism reported.

President Obama keeps doing himself in but this time, his misstep has angered those in his camp. He’s alienating himself with each successive step he takes, so by the time Donald Trump takes over in January, will anyone like Barack?

Seriously, anyone?

Source: Western Journalism

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