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LEAKED! Obama Caught In MIND-BLOWING New Scandal – He USED You, America!

Not too long ago, Facebook altered the way it was presenting its newsfeed in order to block certain content from its users.

The new version of the newsfeed technology disabled its ability to present any negative news stories on Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party, while also blocking all conservative news sites.

Perhaps our faithful readers have noticed this…?

The technology ensured that the “fake news” issuing from the Rightwing sites would be blocked not by the old method of algorithms, but by the new more reliable method:

Liberal staffers who monitored the news and determined what should and shouldn’t be seen by Facebook users.

Now with the help of citizen Obama, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the next phase in Operation Social Justice.

This involves the mission that Facebook has of transforming the global community into a Liberal utopia.


Obama was one of the instigators of the ‘fake news’ panic that has put Facebook in the establishment’s CROSSHAIRS following the election of Donald Trump.

Obama has repeatedly addressed the issue and even discussed it privately with European leaders prior to leaving office.

According to a major New York Times Magazine feature on the future of Facebook, he is also holding private discussions with Mark Zuckerberg.

Earlier that day, Zuckerberg’s staff had sent me a draft of a 5,700­ word manifesto that, I was told, he spent weeks writing.

The document, ‘Building Global Community,’ argued that until now, Facebook’s corporate goal had merely been to connect people. But that was just Step 1.

According to the manifesto, Facebook’s next focus will be developing the social infrastructure for community “for supporting us, for keeping us safe, for informing us, for civic engagement, and for inclusion of all.

Facebook’s spokespeople then called the New York Times Magazine reporter to clarify the CEO’s comments, which the reporter interpreted as an attempt to counter the perception that the new manifesto was ‘partisan’ and ‘anti-Trump.'”

I don’t believe any Conservative believes this is anything less than Soros’ handiwork, under the guise of “global inclusion.”

Now that Zuckerberg has successfully mind-numbed the entire digitally-savvy population, Stage Two will involve turning them against the “basket of deplorables and irredeemables.”

Remember, it’s the same organization that allowed a despicable “Kill All White Women” post to stay up long enough to go viral.

The war has begun.

Source:  Breitbart

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