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Breaking: Obama Voting Scandal Engulfs Washington…Democrats Caught CHEATING?!

Liberals were all up in arms about the Russians “helping” Donald Trump win the election.

But what about Democrat election fraud? What about when Democrats were caught rigging polls and skewing results?

That was why Americans were stunned when Trump won; the weighted and biased polls produced by the mainstream media told us it was essentially impossible.

And speaking of the entirely unreliable leftist-oriented media, these “reporters” have been dumping filthy lies on the American public for FAR too long. Shouldn’t we pay attention to that, as Trump is always saying?

Now, a new question, and it’s one Democrats will really hate:

Did Obama’s Department of Homeland Security attempt to intimidate Georgia’s Secretary of State by breaking into its electronic elections systems?

It certainly seems to be shaping up that way. Trying to follow the paper trail of this deeply disturbing attempt by the Federal government to bully a State’s administrator is nearly impossible at the moment simply because there is no paper trail of which to speak.

So, to help you out, here are the “Cliffnotes” version of this emerging scandal are as follows:

1. The Obama administration issues an order through the Department of Homeland Security which designates all local and state election machinery as part of federal “critical infrastructure” (TRANSLATION:  Feds have complete control over election systems in every State!)
2. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp declares that he opposes such a designation
3. After opposition begins to occur to such a designation, several “scans” of Georgia’s election network are blocked by its Firewall
4. Directly leading up to November’s election, there is an uptick in these “scans”
5. The Obama administration, in a temper tantrum, pushes Department of Homeland Security Director, Jeh Johnson, to unilaterally make the “designation” official
6. Multiple State-level Secretaries of State (Republican & Democrat) protest such a move
7. More “scans” are thwarted by Georgia’s election systems Firewall
8. Kemp tracks the “scans” to be originating from an IP address that matches the Department of Homeland Security
9. When Kemp asks Johnson about these “scans”, the Director lies
10. Johnson is now out of the DHS, but Inspector General Roth is now convinced that something strange was going on behind the scenes and intends on exposing the truth

The Daily Caller:

“If Roth’s investigation shows Johnson or his subordinates deliberately used federal cybersecurity resources to penetrate a state election system in order to pressure a state official over a policy dispute, it could represent a significant scandal for Johnson and for the outgoing Obama administration.

The ‘scans’ are attacks to test security weaknesses in a network. It’s called the electronic equivalent of ‘rattling doorknobs’ to see if they’re unlocked — or on a darker side, to send a message to a recipient.

DHS cannot launch scans without the permission of state officials. Kemp, in a December 8 letter to Johnson noted, ‘At no time has my office agreed to or permitted DHS to conduct penetration testing or security scans of our network.’

The attacks against Kemp’s network — which also contains corporate information of registered companies in the state as well as professional licenses — began on Feb. 2.

The last effort to penetrate the Georgia system, which Kemp called a ‘large attack,’ occurred Nov. 15, a week after the election but before the state certified its results.

This appears to be more of the same for the Obama administration and its officials.

Going back all the way to the beginning eight long years ago when people like Van Jones and Cass Sundstein were involved in scandalous behavior and activities behind the scenes, it is obvious that underhanded and devious implementation of government power and authority was a mere afterthought with these types of autocrats.

Remember when we found out Hillary Clinton earned 800,000 illegal votes in the election? Yeah, well, maybe that’s not all the Democrats did to ensure some votes for their side.

Hopefully, between Representative Jason Chaffetz and IG Roth, we’ll possibly get to the bottom of this dereliction of duty on the part of Homeland Security and outright lawbreaking on the part of Barack Obama.

As always, I’m not hopeful. But I would joyfully welcome a new day in Washington.

Source: The Daily Caller

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