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LEAKED: Obama Insider Scandal Rocks Washington…White House Has PROOF!

Everyone knows how booby traps work.

Everyone can tell you the reasons why you lay the traps in the first place.

However, not everyone can detect such traps.  We’ve known for some time that Barack Obama has been lurking in the background, quietly planning to battle President Donald Trump.

And let’s not forget that he was laying the groundwork to hinder Trump long before our new leader ever got to the White House.

The barrage of “midnight regulations” was actually a final act of desperation; prior to that, Obama knew there’d be holdovers in the Trump White House…and those holdovers would cause more problems for Donald.

It appears that Obama, in an obvious tirade over the latest piecemeal destruction of his Legacy healthcare act, ObamaCare, has decided to engage not in civil discourse where he could argue his case directly to the American people, but to instead hunker down in his foxhole shadow government and launch insidious guerilla warfare upon his successor.

Fox News:

“Tony Shaffer, a retired lieutenant colonel and intelligence expert, believes the Obama administration ‘laid trip wires’ within the intelligence community’s structure to sabotage President Donald Trump.

In recent days, the Trump administration has been plagued with leaks, which recently contributed to the resignation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

‘[Senior Adviser] Ben Rhodes laid trip wires for things to go off like booby traps,’ Shaffer said on ‘The First 100 Days’ tonight, characterizing Flynn’s ouster as ‘planned by the Obama administration.'”

Employees of the intelligence agencies Shaffer suspected to be involved in the leaks are ‘mid-level managers’ and ‘former political appointees who burrowed themselves into the infrastructure as career intelligence officers.'”

Remember last week’s press conference, when Trump said he “inherited a mess” from his predecessor? Well, he also inherited bitter, insidious leakers.

In order for Trump to remain vigilant, he will require a thorough and aggressive purge of the entire governmental structure surrounding him, particularly in the Intelligence agencies where forces close to Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to pose a national security threat.

If Trump isn’t careful, the steel traps and Claymore mines set up for him and his Cabinet nominees, may just catch their quarry.

Source: Fox News

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