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WARNING: Obama Secretly Preparing For War…This Is A Terrifying Prediction!

Oh man, maybe this isn’t over yet. Maybe this guy can do something even WORSE.

President Obama may only have a few days left in the White House, but that’s not cause to put feet up on desk, shrug shoulders, and think nothing more anti-American or unconstitutional is coming down the line.

In just the span of the last few days, Obama tossed the coal mining industry under the bus by regulating waterways via his executive voice, and then turned around and tossed Israel under a different bus, by refusing to let America veto a U.N. resolution that demanded the Jewish state stop building in settlement areas.

Clearly, this is a president who doesn’t want to just spend his last few White House at the golf course.

And nobody knows that better, perhaps, than Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the very state Obama just tossed to the wind.

“[Bibi] warned on Sunday that President Barack Obama may have more surprises in store for Israel following the U.S.’s ‘shameful’ abstention at the United Nations,” Breitbart reported.

What he means in layman’s terms is that he doesn’t trust Obama. And neither should we.

Why should anyone trust this guy? The Obama administration has shown nothing but contempt for Israel, while making a case on the international stage that the Jewish nation is no different from any other, and practically accusing that Bibi’s outspoken condemnation of Hamas and Palestinian terrorists hurts the White House’s press for a two-state solution.

Netanyahu, after the U.N. resolution was passed, called together his party ministers and warned them to keep quiet about annexation plans for parts of the West Bank. Why?

“[He worried] Obama may have more tricks up his sleeve,” Breitbart reported.

Netanyahu also said he had a clear source that it was Obama’s own administration that helped broker the resolution at the United Nations, something the White House has denied.

At this rate, the current president is going to end up with a whole lot of enemies by the time he leaves office. And you know what?

He deserves every last one of them.

Source: Breitbart

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