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CAUGHT! Obama Secretly Smuggled $600 MILLION To America’s Enemies!

If you weren’t already aware, Hezbollah is a major transnational terrorist organization.

It is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, but its reach extends beyond that nation to other countries, including the United States.

The idea that this organization would receive support from America, especially with its close relationship with Iran, should be preposterous. No…impossible.

After all, funding Hezbollah is equivalent to sending money to the enemies of our country. It’s called TREASON.

We already know Barack Obama’s relationship with Iran was far, far too friendly, which is why you shouldn’t be too surprised at this latest scandal.

But you should, at the very least, be outraged.

From Yeshiva World News:

It began last August when the Obama administration admitted that it had secretly arranged a plane delivery of $400 million in cash to Iran.

The money was flown into Iran on wooden pallets stacked with Swiss francs, euros and other currencies.”

So the next question to be asked is where did this money go? And why is Saudi Arabia citing another $200 million here?

“According to a Saudi Arabian newspaper report on April 25th, Hezbollah had received $600 million worth of Iranian aid.

The Al-Youm newspaper reported that the aid was transferred almost completely in hard cash, and is being used for the terror group’s institutions and salaries paid to its terrorists and their families.


So let’s follow this:

Obama sent Iran $400 million in cash. Iran sent Hezbollah $600 million in cash. It’s obvious where our money went – to Hezbollah.

In a better time, when public officials were held responsible for their actions, this would be referred to as giving aid to our nation’s enemies.

Mr. Obama and those involved would stand trial for treason, and face a very unpleasant punishment if convicted. That’s the logical result of this horrifying news, wouldn’t you say?

How many disgusting scandals must we wade through before Obama finally pays for his crimes?

Conservatives talk of “draining the swamp.” And there’s plenty of swamp to be drained.

Source: Yeshiva World News

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