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BETRAYAL – Obama Stabbed In The Back By Former Staffer – The Horrifying Truth Is OUT!

Two former Obama aides failed to notice the bit of broccoli in their president’s teeth.

If you’re wondering what that means, remember your high school days when you were getting ready to ask someone out and you’d turn quickly to your best friend and ask (as you’re showing your toothy grin), “Do I have any broccoli in my teeth?”

A good friend will always tell you the truth, even when it’s a truth you don’t want to hear.

Barack Obama has received his share of harsh truths lately, including a series of leaked documents that essentially prove he used the IRS to target conservatives.

But his “scandal-free” administration is much darker than you think, and involves more than just lost money.

For instance, did you know Obama staffers manipulated social media so it would have a distinct liberal bent? Yep, proves you can’t believe everything you read on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, another mess, and this one resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians:

When Obama came up with the harebrained scheme to allow the Russians to broker a chemical weapons disposal agreement with the Syrian government, his advisers SHOULD have informed him that this was an idiotic proposal.

Instead, they nodded like a bunch of bobblehead dolls, allowing him to make a fool of himself and the entire country. It’s coming to a head right NOW.

Yes I’m Right:

Opinion Editor Seth Mandel released this quote is from former Obama State Department official Antony Blinken in Sunday’s New York Times:

Still, the administration knew all along that it had probably not gotten all of the chemical weapons, and tried to get Russia to help press Syria, without success.

Dan Shapiro, who was a member of Obama’s National Security Council had this to say:

It is very difficult these days to find good friends who will be brutally honest with you.

Obama should have spent more time surrounding himself with advisers who knew what they were doing, rather than those that fawned over the crease in the president’s slacks.

Even so, there are still some cronies out there who remain loyal to Obama and continue to throw roadblocks in Trumps’ path. These guys definitely have to go…soon.

Let’s get America rolling in the right direction again!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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