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Obama Just Accused Trump Of A Crime…A Crime Barack Committed 76 Times

Hello, Pot? This is Kettle. …you’re black.

Former President Barack Obama was last seen hiking up Mount Ego as he took to the lucrative speech circuit to once again become a “progressive” pundit.

As far as the Left is concerned, anything this guy says is gospel, so of course they’re going to listen.

But it’s just ridiculously funny when he starts accusing the current President of something he himself did over and over and over.

This guy was the King of authoritarian commands; he never hesitated to exercise his power as commander-in-chief, to the point where he was clearly guilty of numerous federal violations.

And yet, he hasn’t hesitated to warn President Donald Trump about doing the very same thing.

Via Western Journalism:

Former President Barack Obama warned against the threat of authoritarian voices during a speech in Canada on Tuesday in a thinly veiled critique of his successor, President Donald Trump.

Obama famously stated in January 2014 that ‘we’re not just going to be waiting for legislation.’

‘I’ve got a pen, and — and I’ve got a phone.

And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward…’ he said.

However, the former president expressed concern Tuesday about the abuse of executive authority, telling his audience at the Montreal Chamber of Commerce-

“I am convinced that the future does not belong to strongmen,” CNN reported.

Really, just hilarious.

Obama went on to stress that we shouldn’t allow “isolation or nationalism” (i.e., being a Patriot is wrong) and hinted that the Trump administration wants to “roll back the rights of others.”

All wrong of course and not a shred of truth to support the notion, but liberals have never cared about facts.

And let’s not forget that Senator Ted Cruz issued a report in April 2015 entitled, “The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power,” which featured 76 illegal acts by Obama’s team.

Ah, good ol’ hypocrisy. The Liberal calling card.

Sources: Western Journalism, CNN

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