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LEAKED: Obama Caught Lying About UN/Israel Disaster…Shocking Evidence Proves It!

There is a cure for pathological lying…however, the Democrats appear unable to acquire it!

The cure? Stop doing it!

And there we have the stumbling block. Both the administration and its adoring minions (Kerry, Rice, State Department, etc.) continue to use sleight of tongue in order to convince the suspicious masses that they did not, in fact, craft the anti-Israel resolution put forth by the UN last week.

Oh, but we’re starting to discover the truth.

These are the very same “usual suspects” who insisted that there was nothing to see at that tarmac in Tehran as they transferred $1.3B in assorted unmarked bills to the Iranian government. First it never happened, then, oh yeah, it did happen, but we were going to tell you about it…eventually.

Via Western Journalism:

“State Department spokesman John Kirby also denied the meeting had occurred…

On Tuesday, the transcript of the meeting was published by the Egyptian news site Al-Youm Al-Sabea, which is considered the mouthpiece of President Fatah Abdel el-Sisi.

The document was likely leaked because the Egyptian president is angry at the way the Obama administration operated after Egypt originally had withdrawn the motion last week and because of Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Both the pro-Palestinian Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, and the Times of Israel cite exact details; i.e., when the meetings had taken place and what exactly was discussed and with whom. There is no denying it. They were, once again, caught red-handed holding the BDS bag.

This anti-Semitic package was dreamed up and crafted by the Obama Administration! Didn’t we hear this accusation a little while ago from a certain enraged Netanyahu…? Yup, he was right.

The one lesson that Liberals should learn from this story is that; well, they’re just no good at lying. And when you’re not very good at something, you need to consider two paths: Either get better at it or stop.

We recommend the latter, and so does the rest of the American people.

Source: Western Journalism

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