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Breaking: Obama On The Warpath AGAIN…He’s Found A NEW Way To Destroy America!

Just when we thought we were rid of this guy.

Yeah, well, we should’ve known better.

Despite every insane scandal that has exploded in Barack Obama’s face, despite the stunned Benghazi veterans who will forever curse Obama’s name, despite it ALL…he’s planning a comeback tour.

And yes, we’re talking about THIS country. We know about the ridiculous possibility of Obama running for the French presidency and frankly, we hope he does. He’d be out of our hair.

But until then, he’s going to continue to have an impact on the good ol’ US of A.

The former president just told former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder that he plans to dive back into politics almost immediately, and this includes examining “different ways to help the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

Via Politico:

‘He’s ready to roll,’ Holder told reporters at a briefing.

Obama and other top Democrats are focusing efforts on state-level races and ending the reconfiguring of voting districts through the politically-laded process known as gerrymandering – a combined effort to end “Trump-ism” and help their party regain control of Congress and legislatures across the country.

Politico reported that the group seeks to direct resources into winning certain state elections, push ballot initiatives for nonpartisan district-drawing commissions and wage legal wars to existing maps.

By accomplishing their goals, the group hopes it would put Democrats at a better advantage in state legislatures and the House of Representatives.

Like I said above, we probably shouldn’t be surprised.

Before leaving the White House, Obama said he would likely focus on General Assembly Races, so he’s really just doing what he said he’d do. There’s some honor in that, I suppose.

But REALLY? Even after everything that has been exposed since he left office? After the Iran insanity? The Palestine scandal taxpayers are still furious about?

I would assume the guy would take the hint and just recede into the shadows. Obviously, though, we should never underestimate this guy’s gargantuan ego.

Sources: Politico, Fox News

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