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Obamacare Just Suffered A Crippling Blow…Republicans Reveal The Ace Up Their Sleeves!

Donald Trump’s taking over office and you know what that means, don’t you? That’s right – a rescinding of the much-hated Obamacare.

At least, that’s the line conservatives were sold on the campaign trail. And really, the sooner the better.

We’ve got some good news on that score: Republicans returning from their holiday break this week already decided on a parliamentary move that takes Obamacare repeal on to Step One of a semi-long journey.

Yes, it’ll be a complex battle, filled with endless red tape and other hurdles, but we’ve got a solid starting point:

“Republicans hope to repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act using an expedited procedure known as budget reconciliation,” the New York Times reported.

That’s a procedure that’s been well-used in the last few decades in order to underwrite and create some of the country’s most popular laws.

How it works is a bit complicated:

Congress speeds up action on legislation that changes taxes and spending, particularly for programs like Medicare or for cuts to other measures that affect the national deficit. A reconciliation bill in the Senate only needs a simple majority, rather than a 60-vote voice. The resolution for the reconciliation may recommend the drafting of a bill, but it may not. Since 1980, Congress has used the procedure 24 different times to achieve legislative goals.

One instance? The Bush tax cuts by George W. Bush was adopted in reconciliation bills that were signed into law in 2001 and in 2003.

Republicans think they can use reconciliation to take out tens of billions of dollars that are in the budget for states for Medicaid. They also think they can use it to abolish subsidies for health insurance exchanges.

Democrats, of course, are preparing to fight the maneuver.

But let them. By hook or by crook – that should perhaps be the Republican Party’s mantra going forward, in regards to the future of Obamacare repeal.

The socialist health idea has lasted far too long, and with Obama leaving, and the House and Senate both in Repubican control, and a bold president like Donald Trump taking up the White House office, the time to strike out this unpopular law is now.

Chances are, there won’t be a better opportunity.

Source: the New York Times

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