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Are There ANY Parts Of Obamacare Worth Saving? Americans Are Weighing In Right Now…

Some say it needs to be completely eradicated.

Others say there are a few good ideas in there, and we should keep the working parts.

Recently, Trump’s counselor-to-the-president Kellyanne Conway said the President-elect would attempt to keep certain pieces of Obamacare, provided his advisers told him those elements were actually working. This was reflected in a recent Trump interview:

It’s a ridiculously complex issue and there are many hurdles for Trump’s new team, though they remain committed to fixing this apparent disaster. In fact, Republicans just took a huge step toward a rapid repeal process, which is good news for those who truly believe there’s no hope for Obamacare.

Perhaps Americans are fed up with the entire thing. The Affordable Care Act is a misnomer, many say, and this grand idea of “everyone being covered” just hasn’t panned out (as socialized medicine hasn’t panned out in many other parts of the world).

However, Trump is going to run into an issue here: It might be a lose-lose situation because if he repeals the entire damn thing and starts from scratch, not only will a new system take longer to implement, but it will undoubtedly piss off those who desperately seek to keep Obamacare.

On the flip side, if he decides to keep parts of the ACA deemed effective by his advisers, there are sure to be citizens who don’t agree. In other words, the parts he keeps will certainly come under intense scrutiny…

Well, it’s a toughie. But make your voice heard by voting, and feel free to drop your comments in as well!


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