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Breaking: Another Of Obama’s Cronies BITES THE DUST, And America Says GOOD RIDDANCE!

When Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 and began the arduous task of building his Cabinet, the press loved his choices.

Clinton’s pics were said to be some of the best that had been placed since the presidency of Jimmy Carter.

After all, it’s the mainstream media’s JOB to tell us what to think and how to react…they just flat-out admitted as much in a HUGE slip a few weeks back.

Likewise, when Barack Obama was elected, he created an entire foundation for the sole purpose of building a Cabinet that would be worthy of his own greatness. And of course, the media loved it.

It wasn’t long before he and Biden had spent upwards of $13M on the Obama-Biden Transition Project that employed over 450 people (keep in mind that the Trump transition team consisted of 16 people and cost nothing to the taxpayer).

When we look at the Bush 43 transition, you will recall that ALL of his choices were terrible and inadequate.

In fact, they were the worst since Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon (do you see where this is going yet?).

As for Trump…well, let’s just say that you are all aware of his cabinet’s reception.

Of course, the hugely biased liberal media has been gunning for Trump since the get-go, as recently PROVEN. But anyway, onto the point at hand.

During these transitions, it is absolutely normal for new presidents to clear house and start building new teams. Clinton did it, Bush 43 also, Obama…

However, the difference is when Trump cleaned house, it was described as unnecessary, “frightful”, dirty politics, unprecedented (one of the Liberals’ favorite words) and vindictive.

Well, if being good is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Independent Journal Review:

“Lori Scialabba is currently the acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). She has been with the USCIS since 2007, and has been the acting director before — from December of 2013 to July of 2014.

Scialabba stepped up as acting director on Inauguration Day, but openly defied President Trump shortly thereafter.

Scialabba’s name then appeared on a list compiled by Breitbart News entitled, ‘8 More Obama Bureaucrats Trump Can Fire or Remove at Homeland Security.

Her retirement announcement, sent via email to her staff on March 7, was published by Breitbart News[.]

Scialabba had been working for the federal government since 1985, when she took a job with the Department of Justice. She has been working in immigration-related offices within the government ever since.”


Long story short:

This was a LIFETIME government worker who never held a real job in the private sector and who pointed a crooked finger in the faces of Americans, lecturing them on their intolerant behavior and ensuring that laws were bent/broken to accommodate illegals in an effort to undermine the very rule of law.

She claimed that the new president’s edicts did not apply to her and her office and she was kindly asked to depart. Plain and simple.

It’s another blow to illegal freeloaders; Trump has been lining ’em up and knocking ’em down in THAT sector, that’s for damn sure. And America is finally getting healthy.

Good riddance to a blood-sucking leech on the backs of Americans everywhere.

I just wish we weren’t paying her in her retirement for the rest of her parasitic life.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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