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Here’s What Obama’s ICE Team Did With HUNDREDS Of Illegal Rapists…This Is UNFORGIVABLE!

Will Liberals ever apologize to President Donald Trump for calling him ignorant? Well, of course not.

He said many immigrants from South and Central America were rapists and thieves, which the “progressives” immediately dismiss. That’s just ignorant.

But in reality, this is indicative of one huge problem we have in America:

Leftists believe they are somehow morally superior due to their tolerant and open-minded stance on border security. They’re just smarter than all of us.

But while Trump is in the Middle East, securing more boosts for the U.S. Economy, back here in the homeland, ICE is releasing facts and figures that only confirm the president’s “ignorant” remarks.

The numbers are even worse than anticipated.

Shockingly, Obama nation was busy releasing all sorts of seedy and disgusting pigs onto our streets where our children play.

The Washington Examiner:

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency released nearly 600 illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes, many because their home countries refused to take them back, according to newly obtained documents.

ICE said that a total of 564 illegal sex criminals were let go for legal reasons in the latest accounting period, fiscal 2015.

The documents, obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute under the Freedom of Information Act, do not give names or locations of the illegals, but do provide a general classification of the sex crimes.


They are:

95 convicted of “commercialized sexual offense.”
275 convicted of “other sexual offenses.”
194 convicted of “sexual assault.”

‘The anti-borders left routinely inject sanctimony into the immigration issue claiming that anyone with opposing arguments is morally inferior,’ said Dale Wilcox, executive director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

But when statistics like this come out, statistics which show the horrific consequences of having an unregulated immigration system, they merely step over them like they don’t exist,’ he added.

Exactly correct, Mr. Wilcox. And that, as I said above, is a very big problem.

Source:  The Washington Examiner

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