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GOOD GOD! Obama’s DEPRAVED Past Exposed! DOZENS Of Filthy Skeletons Discovered!

We tend to learn a LOT more about past presidents after they’ve left office. This raises a number of questions.

Why are these lurid details coming out now?

Did the media sit on such embarrassing facts for years to avoid damaging his campaigns?

There have been a lot of rumors circulating on the internet for years, but little that ever broke into the mainstream media. That’s probably not an accident.

I mean, scandal after scandal keeps breaking over Barack Obama’s head – the latest of which is truly horrifying – but what do we really know about our former commander-in-chief?

Well, now we know: Obama’s past as far worse than we thought.

According to Daily Mail, the lid has blown off this guy’s depraved past thanks to a“the 1,078-page biography Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, to be published on May 9.”

It’s not a pretty story.

  • Obama slept with his girlfriend Genevieve Cook on their first date, before she wrote him a poem about their ‘f***ing’ and called their sex ‘passionate’, the book about the former president reveals.
  • They also did cocaine together – and after they split she slept with his best friend.
  • Obama also considered a gay relationship while at college, twice proposed to another white girlfriend, and cheated on Michelle with his ex during the first year of their relationship. 
  • The white girlfriends were made into a composite character in Dreams From My Father and Jager says Obama’s own memoir is inaccurate.

Makes you wonder if any of this will be a revelation to Michelle, such as his keeping another girlfriend when he was supposed to be in a serious relationship with his future wife.

Not the sort of thing to which women typically react to dispassionately or indifferently.

One of his girlfriends, Ms. Cook, described their relationship as having “been deeply sexual, with her writing that ‘all this f***ing’ was ‘so much more than lust’ and also saying in her diary: ‘Making love with Barack, so warm and flowing and soft but deep – relaxed and loving – opening up more.'”

The book also reveals that “the couple also used drugs and Cook reveals that Obama was still a cocaine user when they were together.”

It won’t include details of his presidency, like when he sent billions overseas to the UN (a fact American taxpayers still can’t believe), but we imagine it’ll make for some VERY interesting reading.

There is so much more, as to be expected in a book that is over 1,000 pages long. But we can be sure of one thing:

It’s a book Barack, and no doubt Michelle, will have wished had never been written.

Source: Daily Mail

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