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LEAKED: Obama’s Spies Planted Bogus Evidence To Frame Trump – Secret Conspiracy Rocks America!

Anyone recall the “Trump Dossier” from a few months ago?

You know, the one that had John McCain’s fingerprints all over it?

As you may have noticed, that story has been dropped faster than Debbie Wasserman-Schultz! The short and simple explanation for it is that it was a FAKE STORY.

Fake stories to the mainstream media these days are as poisonous as good economic news for America. The media NEEDS drama. They WANT Trump drama. And they’re currently living on a constant diet of Russian-Election-Tampering and Treason.

The evidence has fallen in favor of the president concerning such inanity, but the Democrats just keep pounding away.

Truth be damned, they will make sure that the American public PERCEIVES Trump and his administration as corrupt. Anything less would be a dereliction of their sacred duty to the Party of the Jackass.

And guess what? Here’s the PROOF, via MAD World News:

Shocking new evidence shows Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey are in cahoots to impeach President Donald Trump, proving the hacking of the Democratic National Committee by Russians to sway the election is entirely fabricated and Trump colluding with the Russians is completely fake too, all planted by ruthless cyber spies hired by Obama and the Democrats, with help from Comey.

This hardcore proof will blow your mind.

The story that follows is long and convoluted and involves a lot of piecing together of a complicated puzzle; therefore, I’ll break it down for you to digest in an easier form.

1. Crowdstrike (a private cyber security firm) was working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for a while when the whole DNC email hacking took place last year.

2. DNC officials set Crowdstrike to work on determining who was the source of the hack into their emails.

3. Crowdstrike is run by Dimitri Alperovitch, a huge critic of both the former Soviet Union and the current Russian Federation. He has been pushing for a new Cold War with Russia (in perfect tandem with the DNC).

4. Alperovitch is one of the chairs on the Atlantic Council, funded by Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. Also on the Council is Evelyn Farkas, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for President Obama.

5. In one of its many projects, Crowdstrike (because of its friendship to Pinchuk) was attempting to tie the Russians to an 80% loss of the Ukraine’s D-30 Howitzers. When evidence seemed non-existent, Crowdstrike offered a supposition that malware installed by the Russian hacking group called “Fancy Bear” had been responsible for said loss.

6. Fancy Bear, according to Crowdstrike, is directly involved with the GRU (Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye) which is the Russian Federation’s premiere military foreign intelligence service. Once they linked Fancy Bear with the GRU, Pinchuk could then blame the Russians for interfering in their country’s defenses.

7. At the same time, Crowdstrike (on a roll with Pinchuk) decided to reveal to the DNC that it’s servers were hacked by…who else…Fancy Bear!

8. Rather than check sources or evidence, the media ran with the story. Since the connection was actually unproven, it was kept on the down low.

9. Trump began to gain momentum and eventually won the election. Democrats immediately set themselves to the task of discrediting his win; delegitimizing it in the eyes of the people. They asked Crowdstrike for its evidence and were told the truth. There was no evidence. Rather than drop the cyber service, the DNC said nothing and maintained Crowdstrike on its payroll. Yet, they continued to push the Trump-Russian-Interference narrative.

10. Comey asked the DNC to speak with Crowdstrike regarding the Russian interference into Hillary’s email server, which was denied.

11. The Russian-Interference narrative began to boil and Comey, once again, asked to speak with Crowdstrike. He was instead given a typed report testifying that “Fancy Bear” was the culprit.

12. Comey runs with the info and announces that there may be evidence of collusion. Meanwhile, the “evidence” is completely theory without a scintilla of fact to back it. Farkas herself stated on MSNBC that Obama had been spying on Trump since July. If this was the case, there would certainly have been evidence already on the table.

13. Comey continues to investigate with the FBI, despite admitting that all his so-called “evidence” revolves around a guess that Fancy Bear is the culprit.

This somewhat proves that the Democrats and the Republican Establishment are on shaky ground at best to support a charge of treason for impeachment.

Rest assured, that if the Liberals and the Establishment Republicans are somehow able to miraculously make the treason charge stick, no future win by a Republican for the White House short of a major landslide will ever be left to stand.

From here to eternity, every Republican White House victory will be automatically (even BEFORE any election) considered to be illegitimate. Obama’s shadow government will make sure of that.

Source: MAD World News

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