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DAMN! Obama’s TREASON Explodes Over America – Not One, But FOUR Crimes Revealed!

No one expected an easy ride for President Trump.

The presidential campaign was acrimonious, his opponent remains one of the most arrogant and obnoxious persons in public life, and his predecessor as well as his vanquished opponent desperately want him to fail.

It’s a tough pill to swallow for our fearless leader, to be sure.

Hence we see an artificially created list of alleged offenses the Left would have us believe are worthy of President Trump’s impeachment.

But have we forgotten about Barack Obama’s multiple offenses?

Yes, he engaged in numerous treasonous crimes during his eight years of misgovernment, even if the liberals have conveniently forgotten.

Frankly, if he hadn’t been shielded by a dominant Democratic Party, allied interest groups, and a leftist media, there’s no doubt Obama would be facing charges.

We will draw from a list that World Net Daily has compiled:

“Obama’s Iran nuke deal:

The Obama administration pushed the deal through and agreed to major terms without consulting with the U.S. Senate.

The White House championed the plan as ‘the historic deal that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.”

“Obama IRS targets conservatives:

In 2010, the Internal Revenue Service began subjecting tea-party and conservative groups to intrusive scrutiny when they applied for nonprofit status.

The IRS later issued an apology and blamed mistakes on low-level employees.

But it fought for more than five years demands for full disclosure and documents sought by tea-party groups.”

And here is the worst:


“Extortion 17: Extortion 17 was the call sign for a helicopter shot down by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan on Aug. 6, 2011.

Thirty U.S. Special Forces soldiers were among those killed, including members of SEAL Team 6, the unit that killed Osama bin Laden.

Family members of the deceased believe the Obama administration put a target on the back of SEAL Team 6, and the deaths were payback for the killing of bin Laden.

They blamed the Obama administration for recklessly identifying who killed the famous terrorist leader.”

It almost seems like Mr. Obama was working feverishly to catch up with Hillary Clinton as the leading unindicted political criminal in America.

It’s an ignominious title that probably suits them both. Unfortunately, given the political climate, even with Trump in the White House, it’s unlikely either of them will get their comeuppance.

Still, Americans know the truth. And THAT’S what matters.

Source: Yes I’m Right, World Net Daily

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