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Obama’s Secret War Dragged Into The Open – He ‘Weaponized’ American Spies To…

Crafty and insidious as always, Obama and his Left-Hand minions have outdone themselves this time.

With the skill of a master spy, these Leftists have raised the stakes in the game of espionage to new levels.

Yes, Washington has unmasked one of Obama’s top cronies in the wiretapping scandal but obviously, the issue goes much, much deeper.

Unable to go about his nefarious activities without detection, Obama discovered a simple way to skirt federal law and spy on Trump and his associates without a chance of being directly implicated.

Clearly, certain members of the government knew full well what Obama was doing, or they at least aren’t surprised to learn of it now. In fact, some are saying surveillance on Donald Trump definitely happened.

Luminaries like ambassador Susan Rice, who is practiced in the art of deception (remember Benghazi?) and Hillary Clinton were the leaders in this vast party of useful idiots…perfectly suited to provide cover for their Lord and Master Barack!

In fact, CNN has even referred to Saint Barack as the next best thing to Jesus Christ…which hasn’t gone over well with America, by the way.

Western Journalism:

“Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Monday boiled down the complex web of surveillance stories regarding the Trump team into one simple concept:

The Obama administration declared a very secret war on President Donald Trump using America’s intelligence services as his weapon.

Trump first alerted America to the surveillance issue when he tweeted on March 4 that he was ‘wiretapped’ by former President Barack Obama. Trump’s claims were initially met with denials.

However, it was reported on Monday that Obama’s former national security adviser, Susan Rice, played a heretofore-unannounced role by ‘unmasking’ the identities of Trump associates whose communications were incidental by-products of the surveillance.


Limbaugh said that this latest detail reveals a conspiracy of epic proportions.

Limbaugh said that because rules forbid direct surveillance without proof that did not exist, the Obama administration found a novel way to indirectly eavesdrop on the Trump team.”

Obama’s willing cohorts simply wiretapped individuals who would be in communication with the Trump transition team and monitored them, thereby monitoring Trump and his administration without a warrant.

Boiled down, Obama broke the law without breaking the law, like in Chicago. And Trump is now dealing simultaneously with enemies abroad (North Korea, ISIS, etc.) as well as domestic.

No one could have predicted that the domestic threat would be the ex-president himself.

Source: Western Journalism

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