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He’s DONE – Paul Ryan Just Got The Worst News Of His Career…He Has Lost EVERYTHING!

Typically when you hear of a Democrat attempt to “help” the Republican Party, you have to be suspicious.

After all, why would a Party of the Jackass member actually want to help a party of hapless Republicans if there wasn’t an underlying sinister reason for doing so?

The only time the two work together is when the Establishmentarians are terrified of losing their cushy places in the universe. Job #1: Take Down Trump.

Another example:

Remember when Democrats were imploring Republicans to keep wooing Hispanics and the so-called Independent voters, as well as the women voters, because they were key in winning the presidency?

Leftists said if Conservatives didn’t target these key voters, Republicans (they assured with a scoffing laugh) were destined to suffer a long future of presidential losses.

Needless to say, they were absolutely lying to us. What else do you expect from Progressives? They lie and steal, and they don’t really care if they get millions of illegal votes, provided their horse wins.

As it turns out, though, there’s one ultra-rare case where a Democrat stating doom and gloom for the Republicans is actually putting his money where his mouths is.


One of the leading Trumpocrats, Billy Bova of Mississippi, is publicly calling for House Speaker Paul Ryan to do what is right by the country and President Donald Trump by resigning his position to move out of the way of the future of the Republican Party.

Bova was one of the key activists who was a lifelong Democrat who crossed over to support Trump for president against Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton – working with the Trumpocrats PAC, which helped flip tens of thousands of registered Democrats in the key battleground states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan.


In total, those states add up to 79 electoral votes – and without them, Trump would not have won the election.

In each of those states, including especially razor thin margins over Clinton in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, it was the Trumpocrats who delivered the win – and the White House – to President Trump.”

Even though I’m aware of the implications, I’m sure that this whole movement to place a bandage around the comatose and insanely corrupt ObamaCare was a mistake from the get-go.

It’s all fine and good that some of the Democrats assisted us in putting Trump in the White House, but the main reasons for them doing so was to help America. And I’m sorry, but TrumpCare was NOT the answer.

The answer is still lying in wait in Congress (alongside the crated Ark of the Covenant). Perhaps there will be a brave Senator who will come forward, cross the aisle, and call on that that to be opened up to the floor.

Source: Breitbart

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