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Breaking: Pence Drops MEGA Bombshell On Democrats…This Is One BRUTAL Message!

The illegal immigration saga continues.

First, a federal judge just ruled that President Donald Trump could not stop immigrants from seven countries from entering the United States, even if only for a period of 90 days.

Then a Boston judge handed Trump a colossal victory, saying there was no evidence that the order is either A. biased against Muslims, or B. biased in favor of Christians.

Yeah, take THAT, ACLU lawyers. Bet they hate the idea of publishing a weekly list of illegal immigrants who commit felonies on U.S. soil, too.

But we’ve got a long way to go before Trump’s order moves forward with a full head of steam, because Democrats and liberals will continue to do absolutely everything in their power to stop it.

The good news is that vice president Mike Pence and the rest of the Trump administration are more than ready to fight. In fact, they’re going to do everything in THEIR considerable power to ensure the immigration order passes through, and America gets a healthy dose of safety.

As Pence told Fox News:

“From the outset of his campaign and administration, the president of the United States has made it clear to put the safety of the American people first. We are going to win this argument.

Pence also said the judge “made the wrong decision” and said the White House would useall legal means at our disposal to help secure America’s safety.

This is a comfort.

But the fact is, the left is going to fight this every step of the way, as anticipated. Expecting the left to cede the border battle and recognize that this president isn’t ever going to get on board with an amnesty plan that lets anyone in, at any time, is misplaced optimism.

This Democratic party is the party of rabid open-border views. And it’s filled with those who take to the streets to cry, scream, burn and smash when they don’t get their way.

Trump may dig in – and well he should – and he may press forward with the campaign promises of border safety and national security crackdown that fueled him to the White House. Awesome.

But he’ll ALSO beat the left into a silence of submission. And that’s even better because the left doesn’t know when to quit and on top of which:

Neither truth nor national security matters to this crowd.

Source: Fox News

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