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Pence Throws Down The Hammer, Makes Stunning Promise…Stand Up And CHEER!

It’s just a few days until Donald Trump’s big moment: his inauguration event and swearing-in ceremony for the highest political office in America.

For the moment, just forget what the liberal protesters/terrorists have planned and let’s focus on the future because after all, once this week is over, Donald Trump will be the President of the United States. Get over it, Democrats.

And in the meantime, his vice presidential pick, Indiana’s Mike Pence, spoke to a crowd of U.S. Conference of Mayors about the incoming administration’s looming priorities, one of which promises to bring jobs and long-needed improvements to the nation.

What is it? Well, it’s a plan that President Obama said he wanted to enact, but never could quite get off the ground, at least in any meaningful manner. Trump’s team, on the other hand, fully intends to get things rolling on this front:

Pence, as Fox News noted, said Trump wanted the mayors to know: We’re going to do an infrastructure bill and it’s going to be big.”

A nation of drivers sends its thanks.

From Fox once again:

“Trump, who consistently lamented the state of American bridges, roads and airports on the campaign trail, has promised to invest $1 trillion in transportation and infrastructure spending, though he has provided few details.”

Pence explained part of the deal would put the feds in partnerships with states.

And really, it’s about time. Trump’s not the only one who’s noticed the disheveled appearance of much of America’s once-noble roadways and highways, or the shambled looks of bridges and overpasses. Or, the potholes and pitfalls of driving almost anywhere in the country now.

It wasn’t that long ago driving was actually a good experience in America because by and large, the roads were good, the bridges in decent condition, and travel routes were well-lit, well-maintained and well-regarded. But one need only drive from the driveway now to encounter pothole after pothole, traffic jam after traffic jam, construction barrel after construction barrel.

It’s time to use some taxpayer dollars for what they were intended for – to improve the conditions of the country for all taxpayers. Enough of the toll roads with monies simply lining politicians’ pockets.

Let’s get some real investment in transportation, minus the pork, and improve on what used to be an American bragging right – a highway and byway system that was practically unrivaled the world over.

Source: Fox News


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