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Leaked Pentagon Memo Shocks America…Now Obama Has Innocent Blood On HIS Hands!

Barack Obama had many successes.

He divided America along racial lines and ratcheted up the hatred of Blacks against Whites so skillfully as to cause many of these African-American males to slay police officers in ambush-style attacks in record numbers.

It isn’t surprising to learn the TRUE agenda of Black Lives Matter, now is it?

Then, of course, was his unbelievable talent of causing economic collapse by printing more money than ever before, skyrocketing unemployment and under-employment, tightening the stranglehold of regulatory government, and continuing the horrific trade deficits in the direction of its downward spiral.

Well done, Barack.

Obama was also extremely gifted at avoiding accountability, despite the terrible ineptness of his administration (the Limbaugh Theorem in action). He walked away from each and every catastrophe in his wake completely unscathed.

And without a peep from his sycophantic lapdogs in the Liberal media, of course. But one leaked memo just proved he isn’t the saint they think he is…

Conservative Tribune:

“When President Donald Trump said earlier this week that he ‘inherited a mess’ from Barack Obama, the mainstream media had everyone working overtime at the outrage factory trying to pump out enough invective to make the former president look like the saint they’re sure he is.

The (failing) New York Times called it ‘an extraordinarily raw and angry defense’ of his administration.

On Thursday, it came out that despite the Obama administration’s insistence that Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad had done away with his chemical weapons, an internal Pentagon memo said that the country had produced and warehoused a ‘ridiculously huge amount’ of sarin gas, the nerve agent suspected in this week’s gas attack in Idlib province.

Yes, so about that mess Obama totally didn’t leave for Donald Trump…”

So he knew. The Obama administration was well aware of this illegal stockpile, which would ultimately be used to slay hundreds of innocents, including women and children.

This is worse than Ben Carson finding out about the $500 billion fraud connected to the Obama era. This one resulted in the loss of lives and a war situation, which is just unforgivable.

Oh, yes…and the last thing that Obama always appeared to have success doing?


Source: Conservative Tribune

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